Vitamix S55 Blender – Compact Versatility

The Vitamix S55 is one of the few blenders part of the S-Series. It sits at the high-end in terms of price and features being offered. This series differs from typical blenders as it seems to be designed for small batches, perfect for couples or single serve recipes. It does have some cool additions such as preprogrammed modes though. These are typically only found on the bigger machines like the Professional 500 or 750.

Vitamix S55I’ll go over the many features of the product and point out anything important you should be aware of. This is a more affordable model than some other options, but I still think it’s a high-priority to get a blender you’re truly happy with. I know you need something that fits your own needs without someone pushing you towards a model you aren’t interested in. Let’s delve into the motor now and see what’s under the hood.


Inside you’ll find an efficient 790-watt motor powering the machine. There’s plenty of performance available to handle demanding tasks. Since the included containers are a bit smaller, the power is targeted right where you need it. It’s a smaller motor than you’ll find on the larger models, but it can still crush ice and destroy hard vegetables with ease. This is a Vitamix after all.


The motor has a radial cooling fan that sucks outside air through the inside of the machine. It’s also combined with a thermal protection system that will save the motor from overheating issues. If there isn’t enough airflow and the temperature rises too much, the circuit board will tell the motor to turn off automatically to prevent damage.

There’s also an overflow opening on the back of the motor base. In the event there’s a leak, the liquid will flow away from the motor. These are great features to have, even though you’re probably unlikely to ever witness them happening.
40oz Vitamix Container


You get two separate containers when you purchase this blender. They’re both BPA free, dishwasher safe, and utilize 3″ blades. The first is a 20oz single serve jar. It’s double-walled and perfect for on-the-go enjoyment due to its flip-top lid. This is probably the one you’ll be using the most frequently if your main focus is smoothie recipes or protein shakes.

The second jar you’ll receive is twice the size at 40oz. You’ll be using this to make more common batches of things. It includes a mini tamper, which you’ll use to help incorporate all of your ingredients. This jar is a great size for couples or when you’re having a party and making frozen cocktails.


The control panel puts a wide variety of options at your disposal. Turning the dial to the right gives you access to 10-speed choices. These let you select the precise amount of power needed when blending your recipes. Turning the dial once to the left allows you to pulse your mixture. You’ll use this when creating homemade salsas or other delicate dishes.

S55 Control Panel

Further left you have 4 automated modes: frozen desserts, dips, power blends, and smoothies. If you aren’t familiar with these, they’re basically preprogrammed blend cycles that allow the machine to handle the entire process. This lets you have the same results every time you make a certain recipe. They’re pretty self-explanatory except for the “power blends” mode. You’ll select this when preparing thicker recipes such as nut butters. The modes are a nice convenience and take the guesswork out of blending everything.


Dimensions: 8.3″ x 5.9″ x 15.7″ (with 40oz jar)
Motor: 790 watts at 7 Amps
Weight: 12lbs 6oz
Power cord: 4 feet
Warranty: 5 Years
10 variable speeds + pulse
4 Automated modes
20oz & 40oz containers included
Mini tamper included
20oz vitamix Cup


The Vitamix S55 gives you great performance in a compact package while also including advanced features found on some bigger models. This is a wonderful alternative if you don’t need a full size blender. The automated modes are a nice addition and really help provide an easy learning curve. It’s a great choice if you plan on making a lot of smoothies due to the portable 20oz container. It’s easy to throw in ingredients in the morning and head out the door.

You also get a 5-year warranty with this blender. If something goes wrong within that time frame, that wasn’t your fault, you can get it fixed. The Vitamix company is even better than most in this regard, they’ll pay both of the shipping fees when dealing with RMAs. That’s definitely not the type of support you’d get when buying a typical cheaper blender. If you don’t think you’d use the dip and frozen desserts presets, I’d recommend looking into the S30 instead. Whichever one you choose, I hope you get something you’re happy with and use every day!

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