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orange creamsicle smoothie

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe


I think this is one of the best recipes to have during the summer months. Mainly because you can freeze this mixture into homemade popsicles. Which is something everyone around here seems to love,

apple spice smoothie

Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe


I noticed that I’m very frequently fantasizing about some sort of dessert. This apple pie smoothie in particular is one of my personal favorites. It’s thankfully also pretty easy to prepare if you have

apple cider

Caramel Apple Cider Recipe


This recipe goes with the holiday flavor theme, it really reminds me of the fall and cold weather whenever I make this. Random fact but I’d say that caramel is one of my favorite

pumpkin pie smoothie

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Recipe


Here’s another recipe with holiday flavors as the theme. I should note that this will serve two or three people depending on how big the glasses are. It’s also possible it will only serve

green smoothie

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe


I’ve been trying to add more healthy food options into my diet. It’s a process I like to slowly trickle in so my body doesn’t go into a health shock. One of the most

Mocha Frappe Recipe


This indulgent mocha frappe is the perfect coffee infused beverage to have whenever you need a little pick me up. In fact, it’s quite likely that this will instantly put a smile on your