Vitamix One Blender – The Ultimate Kitchen Companion?

The Vitamix One is a personal-sized blender, which is specially designed for single servings. These types of blenders are smaller and more compact in size compared to their full-size counterparts. However, they can still blend tough ingredients such as ice and frozen fruits. With the powerful motor you’ll be able to quickly make smoothies, juices, and other blended drinks.

Vitamix ONE BlenderThis model includes a 32oz container and has a single dial to control the power and speed of your blend. A standard two-year warranty is also included with your purchase. So the question you may have is whether this blender fits your needs. Is this the right blender you should buy? Let’s begin by talking about what you can actually make with this model.

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    What Can I Make With It?

    There are several types of recipes you can prepare using the Vitamix One. To keep things simple I’ll just make a list of them: fresh/frozen smoothies, whole food juices, nut milks, baby food, frozen desserts, dressings, marinades, dips/spreads, fresh/frozen cocktails, and thin batters such as ones for pancakes or crêpes.

    Wanna make healthy morning smoothies? How about some homemade applesauce or frozen fruit sorbet? The Vitamix One offers a lot of recipe options covering a wide range of food. Watch this short one-minute YouTube video for a little more information.

    This is NOT a Vitamix model you should choose if you want to make thick doughs, nut butters, hot soups/ingredients, or grinding grains. If these recipes aren’t that important to you the Vitamix One is still quite versatile and a good option.

    How Do You Control It?

    You’ll control this model using a single speed dial located on the front of the machine. This definitely makes the blender easy to use, but it lacks the advanced controls found on some bigger Vitamix machines. There’s no dedicated pulse button or blending presets found here. It’s important to note that you’ll want to make sure the speed dial is turned to the off position before plugging it in, otherwise the blender will start immediately.

    Overall the panel is very simple and straightforward so don’t worry too much about not knowing what to do. If you’re looking for something that isn’t complicated to handle blending your healthy smoothies, this may be exactly what you’re looking for. If you do want more buttons and controls you’ll need to look at a different model such as the Vitamix V1200.

    Compact Performance

    Vitamix blenders tend to have very powerful motors inside. This is one of the reasons they blend recipes so well and why people love them. The large motors also mean they can be rather loud but a good chunk of recipes, such as smoothies, can be blended in a rather short amount of time. If you’ve never used a blender before many brands and models can seem loud. This will really come down to your noise tolerance and what you’re used to, but it’s something to be aware of.

    Vitamix What Can You Make With It

    The blender is touted as being able to liquify ingredients, which means your blends can have a smooth texture and some ingredients can turn into a purée. I should reiterate that, unlike other Vitamix models, you cannot make hot soups directly in the container. The Vitamix One seems to have been made specifically for people looking to prepare cold or room temperature recipes.

    Design & Container

    As previously mentioned, this is a very compact blender, measuring just 16 inches tall. This means you should easily be able to find a spot for it on your counters. There are even handles which makes it perfect for RVs or similar situations where you may need to move it around more. The design itself looks very streamlined and curvy making it fit well within your other kitchen appliances.

    Vitamix ONE 32oz ContainerThe Vitamix company says that the Vitamix One is their 100th anniversary celebration blender. It comes with a 32oz BPA-free container but is not dishwasher safe and will need to be washed differently. Vitamix does suggest that cleanup is a snap by having the blender self-clean. All you have to do is add a drop of dish soap and a little water and turn the blender on for around 60 seconds. Then it’s just an easy rinse and you should be done.


    32oz BPA-free container
    Manual speed dial
    Two-Year Warranty
    No pulse function
    Dimensions: 8.125 x 7 x 16 inches
    Weight: 6.25 lbs
    Model: Vitamix ONE Blender

    Final Thoughts

    The Vitamix One blender wasn’t only made to be compact, it also seems like it’s been made to be more affordable. Just by looking at the prices and comparing them to high-end Vitamix models you’ll notice it can cost half as much—or even less. Yet it still offers a ton of performance for the price. You’re able to make a huge range of recipes and even use whole foods when blending, just like you can with the bigger Vitamix models. It even comes with a mini tamper to help push ingredients into the blades.

    Vitamix ONE BlenderOn the warranty side of things, you get two years of coverage. This is a decent amount of time to ensure you have a working blender. Other cheap blenders may offer 90 days or a one-year “limited” warranty. This is another major point where Vitamix really stands out. They’re known for offering great customer support. If something happens to your blender, they’ll handle the repairs and have even paid shipping both ways for valid RMAs. This is of course as long as the damage wasn’t caused by you. But it’s nice knowing there’s reliable support behind the product.

    So, honestly, who is this blender for? If you’re looking to buy a blender that is well-made and powerful enough to blend all the recipes listed above, the Vitamix One may be your ideal blender. Have you used a blender before? Are you familiar with how loud they can be? If high performance, ease of use, good support, and compact size are at the top of your feature list—definitely consider this model.

    Alternative Vitamix Models

    If you’re not completely convinced about this Vitamix, or just want to hear alternative options, there are a couple other models you may be interested in. The first being the Vitamix Explorian blender. There are a few different variations available but they offer great performance and more features. They can even be near the retail price of the Vitamix One. I’d suggest you consider this model line if any of the negatives bother you.

    The next blender model is the Vitamix V1200. This adds even more features including a timer and smart app functionality to run automated blending preset modes. Super handy and convenient in so many ways. It’s also a bit more expensive, but it’s more advanced. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something modern and complete.

    Current Vitamix One Offers

    Amazon seems to have been offering some pretty good deals at the time of this post. I’m not sure if this is a “limited edition” type Vitamix model or if this will be sold long-term. Click the following buttons and links if you’d like to see more information on the product page. Check out the current prices and make sure to add any product into your shopping cart in order to see a full total.

    Vitamix ONE Blender Offer

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