Boost Your Business with Happybuy Slushy Machine – A Comprehensive Look

The Happybuy Slushy Machine is a commercial quality frozen drink maker with some convenient controls and features. The company says that the machine is suitable for both commercial and home use. This gives the product some versatility and provides home users the ability to make large batches of frozen drinks for their big parties and events. The real question is whether this frozen drink maker is right for you and there are a few things to consider before making that decision.

Happybuy Slushy MachineIn this article, I’ll go over and review the functionality of the product to help explain important specifications and details. These types of appliances can require some maintenance and care to keep them running efficiently, especially if they’re used frequently.

There are things to be aware of that other people may overlook or not notice, like how the company recommends you use a dry brush to clean the heat dissipation panel periodically. Having this type of knowledge will hopefully help point out some crucial aspects.


There are several size options available to fit your own personal needs including: Two 12-liter tanks, Three 12-liter tanks, Two 15-liter tanks, and Three 15-liter tanks. I think these should cover most types of situations for people interested in this type of product. All of them can make quite large batches of frozen drinks and each of them are individually controlled via control switches on the side of the machine. The 12L and 15L designs do have different controls however.

Happybuy 15 liter tanksIt’s 400 watts of power for both of the two tank designs; while the 12L and 15L three tank designs have a 600 watt and 500 watt rating respectively. I’m not quite sure why the three tank 12-liter design offers the most power but it does. Regardless, when running they each should have the power to mix up frozen drinks and keep them churning. The cold temperature rating of them all is -2 and 3 degrees Celsius and the company states that they should produce slush between 30 and 45 minutes of running.

It would be pretty quick and easy to toss in your liquids and have it run in time for customers or your party. If you’re using the Happybuy slushy machine in a home party scenario, I’ve read that other people have used it to make slushies and then combined the slush with alcohol to make frozen cocktails, if that’s your sort of thing.


Happy Buy Slush maker 12 liter controlsThere is a control panel located on the side of the Happybuy slushy machines that you’ll use to independently control each tank. Here you can select from turning each tank on, mixing-only, or activating the freeze mode. Being able to control each tank separately is really convenient if you’re making different types of drinks. There’s also a switch to turn on the LED lights above each tank. As far as usage goes, it’s exactly what you would expect and employs a typical “pull lever” system. The user pulls back the handle and down flows frozen goodness.

Happybuy Commercial Smoothie Maker ControlsAccording to the user manual and description, you are able to adjust the softness or hardness of your drink mixtures. This is more easily done on the 15-liter machines since they have manual dials located on the control panel to directly adjust the soft/hard consistency. The 12-liter designs appear to be controlled by a spring/wheel guide, which I believe is located on the back of the appliance, hidden under a small plastic cover.

Important Information

As I mentioned previously, this type of appliance requires certain types of maintenance to help it stay running efficiently. It’s important that these steps are actually taken to help your machine run as best as it can. You run the risk of damaging this type of machine if you don’t take care of it. Once you receive your machine the company says “not to use it right away” and to wait for at least 12 hours.

For your convenience, here are links to the 12L and 15L manual guides located on Amazon:

I’ll start off by pointing out that, according to the manual, you’re supposed to use a dry brush on the condenser panel every week. Be sure you’re wiping it carefully in the correct direction. A dirty condenser panel can cause compressor damage, so this is a very important step. All it takes to do is removing the side panels and using the brush against it to clean it out. I’d assume this is under heavy use in a commercial setting but you should probably check the panel occasionally regardless.

I’d mostly recommend that you read and download the Happybuy slushy machine user manuals above. They show you how to correctly take apart and clean each piece of machinery and how specific things work. When it comes time to clean the machine you shouldn’t use hot water, tepid/warm water is preferred. You also never want to use abrasive cleaners, dish soap is a better choice. Get the manuals and you’ll be able to have a more thorough explanation and resource to refer to.


Capacity Sizes: Two 12L tanks / Three 12L tanks / Two 15L tanks / Three 15L tanks
Independently control each tank
Adjust softness or hardness of mixture
30-45 minutes for slush
Commercial or Home use
Weight: From 52KG/114LBS~ to 58KG/128LBS~ for the largest size
Cold drink temperature: -2C~ to 3C~

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Slushy Frozen Cocktail Maker 15 LiterI’d say overall the Happybuy Slush Machine seems to have some nice features implemented. It’s great that it can be used in a home setting if you love having big gatherings with friends and family. You could choose between two and three tanks, and have a nice variety of frozen drinks available for everyone. In a commercial business it would also be nice having it be displayed on a counter for customers.

It’s a double-sided refrigeration system and the tanks are made out of strong polycarbonate material. They say that you can make frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, granite drinks, coffees, cappuccino, and tea slush. That definitely adds a good amount of versatility and flexibility to offer your customers or guests depending on your situation.

There is some maintenance required for these machines and I highly recommend you take a look through the manuals to find out what recommended steps should be taken. You could also purchase a warranty if there’s one available when you buy one. Having one that’s valid for a few years could give you some extra peace of mind. Hopefully all of this information has helped bring some things to your attention. To help you decide, ask yourself what type of features, capacity, and requirements you need for your own personal use. Hopefully you’ll find the one that works for you. I’ve tried to summarize all of the product information for you so you can make a more informed buying decision.

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