blendtec professional 800 featured

Blendtec Professional 800 – A Stealth Replacement


The Blendtec Professional 800 is a unique high-end blender that is almost identical to the discontinued “Stealth” model. The main differences being fewer presets and the lack of Blend Wizard functionality, which was basically

Blendtec promo code

Blendtec Promo Code – Free Shipping


We’re now offering an exclusive Blendtec Promo Code 2017 that allows you to get the lowest prices and free shipping on any product from Blendtec. This promo code provides the maximum discount you’ll find

Blendtec Refurbished

Refurbished Blendtec Sale – April 2017


I thought I’d put together some information about factory refurbished Blendtec blenders today. I recently did that for another brand and it seemed to be quite helpful for people. Buying a reconditioned machine is

reconditioned vitamix

Refurbished Vitamix Sale – April 2017


So you’re looking to buy a refurbished Vitamix blender and want to find a good price? I’ve recently discovered a few deals hidden away online. I’m always on the lookout for the best prices for


Vitamix vs Ninja – 2017 Comparison Guide


I wanted to write a Vitamix vs Ninja article for you today. I know consumers have a tough choice between which blender brand or model to buy. I feel it’s really important to be happy

vitamix to buy

Which Vitamix Is The Best To Buy in 2017?


A common question people have asked me lately is, which Vitamix to buy? There are many different models to choose from, so it’s understandable that your choice may be a difficult one. This is especially

Vitamix A2500 Featured

​Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series – A Better 6300?


​The Vitamix Ascent A2500 blender is in the new Vitamix product line called the Ascent Series. It sits in the middle of the models with a retail price of $520. The biggest difference is

Vitamix A2300 Featured

​Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series – Modern Improvement?


​The Vitamix Ascent A2300 blender is part of the new product line at Vitamix. It has a retail price of $470, making it the most affordable choice in the new blender series. It’s powered

Cleanblend Blender Featured

Cleanblend Blender – Better Choice Than A Vitamix?


​The Cleanblend blender is a popular alternative choice for someone considering a Vitamix or other high-end brand. It boasts a 3-horsepower 1,800 watt motor which appears to provide similar power as other top offerings,

The Breville Boss Featured

The Breville Boss – BBL910XL


The Breville Boss BBL910XL blender is a high-end product designed to compete with the major blender brands, Vitamix and Blendtec. Breville is a pretty well-known brand, but can they really offer a blender with

Oster Pro 1200 Blender Featured

Oster Pro 1200 – A 2-in-1 With Unique Features?


The Oster Pro 1200 blender offers some nice features that aren’t normally found at this price point, such as three preprogrammed blending modes. It also includes a few additional attachments which expand the overall

magic bullet nutribullet featured

MagicBullet NutriBullet – Is It The Best Personal Blender?


The Magic Bullet NutriBullet seems to be a very popular blender for many people. The question is how well it performs compared to other alternatives in this price range. It has a unique design

Blendtec Extreme Blender Featured

Tom Dickson Extreme Blender – The Most Powerful Blender?


The Tom Dickson Extreme Blender sits at the top of the Blendtec product line. It has a retail price of $1,035, which makes it “extreme” in more ways than one. The question is whether