Vitamix S30 Review – Best Personal Size Blender?

The Vitamix S30 is a unique type of blender compared to the rest of the company’s product line. I suspect the company wants to offer every type of product for every type of consumer. It’s mainly designed for doing either single serve or small batch recipes. The idea is that not everyone needs a full-size blender. Maybe you just want to make a smoothie for a single person and not an entire family. I’ll be sure to cover as many of the pros and cons that I can think of. I know it’s important for a consumer to hear an unbiased opinion while talking about a product. Now let’s jump into the performance of the machine.


There’s a 790-watt motor inside of the Vitamix S30. This offers plenty of power to handle the types of small recipes you’ll be making in it. The company claims it can crush ice and pulverize virtually any whole-food ingredient. All of that power is contained in a machine that has an area of only 6 x 6 inches. You don’t have to worry about the machine overheating though. The spinning action actually draws air over the motor to cool it down. The higher the speed, the faster intake of airflow. There are 10 variable speeds to choose from and twisting the speed dial to the left will activate the pulse function if you need to chop ingredients or do another delicate task.

The machine uses a metal drive system, this will help ensure maximum durability compared to cheaper blenders that use plastic. It also cuts down on the likelihood of machine failure and really tells you that this is a well-built blender if nothing else. I think most people would underestimate the power of the blender because of it’s small size. You can basically make any recipe that the bigger blenders handle though, only in smaller amounts. You’ll still be able to make thick recipes such as homemade peanut butter or chocolate shakes if that’s more of your type of thing.


You actually get two sizes of containers when you buy the Vitamix S30 personal blender. Both are BPA free and dishwasher safe, though they recommend putting them on the top rack. The first I’ll go over is the 20-ounce container, this is probably the one you’ll end up using the most. The best thing about this one is that it also doubles as a drinking cup. So you’ll make your recipe in it and then twist on the flip-top lid to have a convenient to-go container. It’s great for making single serve smoothies or protein shakes when you’re in a rush in the morning. I should also mention that the cup is double-walled so you’ll be able to carry it without your hands getting too hot or cold from the mixture inside.

The second included container is a 40-ounce blender jar. It’s very similar in design to the containers that come with the bigger Vitamix models. It has a vented lid, lid plug, and you can use a tamper to scrape down the sides when making thick recipes. It’s perfect when making hot soups, frozen desserts, or nut butters. You’ll also use this container when you want to make two servings of something since you have twice the capacity. Maybe you’re married or have a significant other, this is definitely the jar for you. Though you can make a double-sized chocolate shake for yourself and not share it just as easily.

Thankfully the height of the machine is only 14.55 inches, so it’s likely to easily fit underneath your kitchen cabinets. You’re unable to do that with the other Vitamix models that use the tall container since the height of those is around 20.5 inches. Most people end up having to set their blender jar next to the base of the machine because of that issue. It isn’t a huge deal but some people will appreciate being able to keep their blender assembled on their counter.


vitamix s30
There currently aren’t that many additions or accessories available for the Vitamix S30. There’s a recipe book included with the blender and almost all of them can be made in 60 seconds or less. Other recipes will work but you might need to do some math to adjust the measurements of everything. Vitamix does sell additional 20-ounce containers for $29.95 if you’re looking to have more on hand. Those are especially good if you’re having friends over and everyone has their own cocktail. I’d also recommend looking into getting a filtration bag if you want to make fresh juice but not have any pulp in it.


Now I have to talk about any negatives I’ve come across. This is arguably the most important section for people, you want to know what the catch is? The first factor for most people will probably be the price, the blender retails for $409.00 on the Vitamix website. That’s approaching the price of full-size blenders, but you must remember that this product is for a specific type of consumer. This small model also doesn’t come with any automatic presets but I suppose that shouldn’t be too shocking. After using them on other models I miss them on any that don’t offer them though.


One of the best benefits of any Vitamix machine is the warranty. This model is no exception as you’ll receive a long 5-year warranty. It’s hassle-free according to them since they’ll pay shipping both ways when repairing your machine. I’ll remind you that the product is well-built with quality materials, so you shouldn’t have to use your warranty. In a worst-case scenario, it’s nice to know you’ll be covered for several years at least. The Vitamix blenders are also assembled here in America, which is always a surprise to hear about a product. It adds to the overall cost but you get a higher-quality appliance in the end because of it.

It’s difficult to fully recommend this model when you can get a reconditioned Vitamix 6300 for a similar price. I have an article about that deal I’ll link to: Vitamix Refurbished Article

If money is no object for you and its features are exactly what you’re looking for then go for this model. I think you’ll be happy with what it can do and it comes in a very convenient size. There’s obviously a market for these types of blenders but it’ll be up to you to decide whether it’s right for you. There are a few alternatives but none of them are built quite as well as the Vitamix, I’ll link to them below though just in case you’re interested. Overall this is still a great blender and it does perform really well, very similar to its big brothers from Vitamix. The smoothies made in it are perfectly creamy and you really can make just about any recipe as the full-size models. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope this Vitamix S30 review helps give you a little more information about the machine.

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