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The Blendtec Professional Series has many advanced features that make preparing recipes easier and more convenient than standard blenders. It sits towards the high-end of the Blendtec model line and retails for $549.95 MSRP. With this blender you get an extremely powerful motor that can handle a wide variety of tasks; while the six included presets allow the blender to do much of the work for you.

It also comes with two different types of blender jars, a WildSide and a FourSide jar. I’ll try to cover as much information as possible to help you make the best buying decision. There are obviously many blender models to choose from so you’ll have to decide whether its features are worth it compared to other options. Before we begin, I would like to state that everything written in this article is solely my own opinion. Visit the official Blendtec site to view the current deals.


Inside the Blendtec Professional Series is a 3-peak HP direct-drive motor. This means that the motor is connected directly to the blades, which delivers more power than conventional blender systems. It’s able to grind cement and other tough objects with ease. In fact, the company created a popular webseries on YouTube showing what their blenders are capable of.

It’s fun to see a blender destroy an unusual or expensive item of course. This display of power also shows that the company is serious to an extreme with what their blenders can handle. They’ll turn a metal product into powder so it should be able to handle any of your toughest food recipes. Cheaper blenders just can’t handle doing these sorts of tasks. Not that you’ll be grinding metal items with your blender, but it’s important to have a product that has enough power to blend all of your ingredients thoroughly. You’ll be able to make homemade peanut butter, cake batter, hot soups, fresh juice, ice cream, smoothies and more with this model.

Obviously there can be a lot of heat that builds up when you run the blender for extended periods of time. Thankfully it has a really clever airflow design that sucks air from the sides of the machine and blows it out and away from a vent located underneath the base. I haven’t had any issues of the machine turning off or needing to cool down.


blendtec professional seriesThe biggest difference between this blender and most others is that you have the option to mount it directly into your countertop. Obviously you need to preplan this choice a little bit, but it’s a really unique option that’s hard to find among other brands. Actually off the top of my head I can’t think of any other brand that offers this. Blendtec discovered that people are more likely to use their blender if it’s easily accessible. That’s one of the reasons why they designed this model with this functionality.

This blender is marketed as a “one-button” machine since it comes equipped with a total of six-preset buttons. These automate the blending process to give you consistent results each and every time you make a recipe. The presets are the following starting from left-to-right: batter, ice crush, smoothie, ice cream, whole juice, and soup. It handles all of these tasks perfectly and helps free you up in the kitchen while you’re busy cooking other things. It really makes everything more convenient compared to blenders that lack any sort of preprogramming. Aside from those, there’s also a dedicated pulse button and two buttons to manually raise or lower the speed. After using these automatic presets for awhile I can confidently say that I personally wouldn’t buy a blender in the future that lacked them.

I should point out that the blades are unique in their design as well. They’re actually blunt edges instead of sharp blades like other blenders. This allows the machine to crush the ingredients instead of slicing through them. It’s also easier and safer to clean the container once you’re finished preparing a recipe because of this design.


I really like this Blendtec blender model, it has a ton of power that can handle doing a lot of different tasks. It does the job of multiple kitchen appliances and it could easily replace a juicer or mixer without much trouble. I feel like it’s a really big upgrade if you’re used to using common “cheap” blenders. You’re likely to use it everyday because of the convenient presets that it comes with. I usually like to wake up in the morning, add my ingredients for a smoothie, and have it waiting for me when I return to the machine.

I should mention that the blender does come with a super long 7-year warranty too. So if anything breaks or something doesn’t work as advertised, you can send it in and get it fixed from now until seven years from whenever the warranty starts. That seems so crazy to me, just to think about what has happened within the past seven years, you’re covered for that amount of time! That definitely increases the overall “value” of the machine for me, though Vitamix blenders also include the same length of warranty. Some of the Vitamix models don’t fit under kitchen cabinets, which is an annoyance for some people, but this Blendtec model has a height of only 17″. You won’t have any trouble sliding this underneath your cabinets.

professional blender 2I think this purchase will be based on what you’re looking for in terms of features in a blender. Are the presets important enough to you? Do you need both of the jars? Do you plan on mounting it into your countertop? The price might seem a bit high but you do get two jars, a 7-year warranty, six-presets, and the blender can double as other kitchen appliances. Ask yourself what your personal needs are and whether this model fits them.

You might want to read about the Signature Series if you want something a little bit cheaper, it also has a really cool futuristic touch panel. The Total Blender model is even cheaper and might be another option you can look into: click for review

Current Blendtec Professional Blender Deals

This model has been discontinued and replaced by the Blendtec Professional 750. It has the same functionality and can still be mounted into your countertop. It’s also only $480 MSRP so you save $70 compared to the older model. Click the following button to view the product information and see the latest deals running.

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