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healthy banana bread recipe

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe


I thought I’d post an easy healthy banana bread recipe, since I have a lot of fond memories of my mother baking it when I was younger. We always had bananas on hand in

homemade nutella spread

Homemade Nutella Spread Recipe


I’m pretty sure everyone loves Nutella as a spread, that goes for kids and adults. Actually off the top of my head, I don’t think I personally know anyone that doesn’t love it. It’s

hazelnut spread

Pure Hazelnut Spread Recipe


Recently I’ve been really into making nut butters the past few weeks. It’s been great to eat on toast or a bagel in the morning. I like the wide variety you can make as

soft pretzels

Homemade Soft Pretzel Recipe


These soft pretzels are extremely versatile and easy to make. There really isn’t anything tricky about them except for the forming process. It really doesn’t matter if you have trouble folding them into the

homemade meatloaf

Manly Meatloaf Recipe


Meatloaf itself seems to be something people either really like or they hate. I think those people just haven’t tried a good enough recipe though. This “manly” meatloaf is packed with flavor due


Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Recipe


This is one of the few recipes where you really won’t be using a blender that much. It works great at mixing the liquid part, but isn’t necessarily required. I think we can all

orange creamsicle smoothie

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe


I think this is one of the best recipes to have during the summer months. Mainly because you can freeze this mixture into homemade popsicles. Which is something everyone around here seems to love,

apple spice smoothie

Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe


I noticed that I’m very frequently fantasizing about some sort of dessert. This apple pie smoothie in particular is one of my personal favorites. It’s thankfully also pretty easy to prepare if you have