Breville Fresh and Furious Blender (bbl620) – Any Unique Features?

The Breville Fresh and Furious blender appears to have several convenient features that can’t be found on many other blenders. It’s compatible with the Vac Q, which is a unique attachment that literally vacuums out the air of your blender container. Blending in a vacuum has a few benefits that I’ll go over down below. This model also contains a powerful yet relatively quiet motor for its performance, due to the high torque and blade design.

Breville Fresh and Furious BlenderNow, are these attributes essential for you or can you live without them? Is there a better choice out there that would be a better fit for you? These are some of the questions you might be asking yourself. There are dozens of choices in this price range so I’m aware how difficult the decision could seem. I’ll lay out all of the information and review the various features to help you make the best buying choice possible. Let’s go right into everything, starting with the crazy Vac Q system.

The Vac Q

This is a special, quirky, attachment made by Breville to enhance certain types of dishes. In fact, the company specifically says it can “greatly enhance” some recipes. It’s made for things such as smoothies, pestos, spreads, dips, and soups. Dairy-centric dishes that require frothing will not work as it’s the air that creates that frothy texture. Watch the following short 45~ second video for a bit more details.

The device runs on 4 AA batteries and works by sucking out all of the air in your blender container. The benefit to this is that there’s no wind resistance affecting the blend. Smoothies will be smoother and spreads will be creamier. You’ll get brighter colors and richer flavors due to the vacuum. Whether you should invest in the attachment will come down to how frequently you make the types of recipes that it enhances.

On/Off & Auto-Clean

You have a complete set of buttons at your disposal that are all clearly labeled and easy to use. There’s an on/off button which will activate or deactivate the machine, naturally. Then directly underneath that is an auto clean mode. This mode is used after you’re finished preparing your food; just add some water and a few drops of dish soap and the Breville Fresh and Furious blender will run an automatic cycle for easy cleanup.

One-Touch Programs

Moving on towards the right you’ll find 3 illuminated oblong-shaped buttons labeled: Green Smoothie, Auto Pulse/Ice Crush, and Smoothie. The auto pulse and ice crush button is pretty obvious; but yes, that’s correct, it has two separate smoothie preset modes because not all smoothies are prepared equally. Green smoothies tend to have some trickier, leafy, ingredients that require a different cycle compared to just blending a fruit-based smoothie for example.

fresh & furious controls

Both modes run unique cycles and are made specifically for two varieties of smoothies. If you do prepare a lot of those, this functionality could really be a useful feature. Using preset modes give you consistent results every time you use them. This ensures that you won’t have to constantly be guessing how long you blended for.

Manual Speeds

Below those oblong buttons are 5 manual speed buttons. These are pretty self-explanatory as they merely increase the speed and power of the blender to deal with tougher ingredients or provide a more intense blend. You’ll use the slower speeds for mixing and chopping while the higher speeds are for pureeing and liquifying.

LCD Display

Then finally there’s a circular LCD panel to display helpful information. It will show a countdown when using the preset modes. When the manual speeds are in use the display will count up instead, so you can keep track of how long you’ve been blending for. This could make it easier when making multiple batches because you can tell yourself that you blended “x amount of time”.


fresh furious bladesThere’s enough power here to turn ice into snow. This should help ensure that your recipes get completely blended. However, be aware that it’s unlikely to handle making homemade nut butters. If you have your heart set on making those, you should consider a Vitamix, perhaps the Explorian or Ascent Series would be good choices for you. It’s definitely something to consider if you also want to prepare hot soups directly in your blender. Check out this video below to see some parts in action, it’s about two minutes long.

The stainless steel blade design of the Fresh & Furious blender is pretty unique compared to other ones I’ve seen. They crush ingredients instead of slicing through them, which pulverizes ingredients into small pieces. The design also helps fold and aerate mixes for creamy smoothies. While running, ingredients are pulled down from the top of the blender jar; while the wide part of the blades hug against the bottom of the jar.


5 Manual speed modes
3 Automatic preset modes
Auto-clean button
LCD Digital timer
Compatible with the Vac Q system
Blunt blade design
50-ounce BPA-free container
Lid doubles as a measuring cup
3-year limited warranty

breville vac q systemConclusion

There are a lot of appealing aspects of the Breville Fresh and Furious blender. It provides a good amount of power and combines it with some smart capabilities. The ability to pair it with the Vac Q is also nice if you’re interested in a complete blending system. You would have total control over your blends with the manual speeds and counting timer. The one touch modes would remove some hassle out of blending and give you consistent results.

Choosing to buy this model over another could come down to a few factors. Ask yourself how much you like the design of the machine. Would you proudly display it in your kitchen everyday? How frequently will you use the blender? Do you plan on preparing a lot of smoothies? Do you have any interest in the Vac Q system down the line? It has the performance and functionality, but you’ll have to decide whether this is the ideal blender for you.

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