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Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Featured

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse – Versatile Capabilities?


The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse has some things in common with other affordable Ninja models at first glance, such as the Ninja Master Prep or Nutri Ninja Pro. It does however come equipped with

Ninja Master Prep Featured

Ninja Master Prep – A Mini Powerhouse?


The Ninja Master Prep is a very affordable compact blender that offers admirable performance and a nice variety of container sizes. It’s perfect for anyone that wants a basic blender for smoothies, cocktails, and

nutri ninja pro featured

Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 – Simplified Blending


The Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456) offers a simple blending solution for anyone that demands convenience. It’s similar in many ways to the popular MagicBullet and NutriBullet, both of which compete directly with this blender.

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL482 – Single Serve Wonder?


The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ is a compact blender that has some interesting features. There are currently three different models available: BL480, BL481, and BL482. Each of these models includes slightly different accessories which

Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja Professional Blender BL610 – An Affordable Alternative?


The Ninja Professional Blender series is a cheaper alternative to the company’s more powerful Ultima blender line. There are actually four different models with the same name so I’ll be covering the NJ600, BL610,

ninja ultima blender

Ninja Ultima Blender – Is It Good Enough?


The Ninja Ultima blender is probably the most popular model available from the Ninja company at the moment. The naming system can be a bit confusing but the models I’ll cover are: BL800, BL810,