Vitamix 500 Pro Series – Anything special or just a clone?

The Vitamix 500 Professional Series has a retail price of $649 and is apart of Vitamix’s C-Series. It’s from their classic line of blenders so it includes the tall 64-oz jar instead of the newer stubby one. That means it has a height of 20.5 inches with the jar attached. It’s also only available in one color, they call it brushed stainless.

vitamix 500This model is basically a rebranded Vitamix 6300 that includes a different cookbook. It offers a ton of performance and there are a few helpful features such as 3 automatic presets that can make preparing recipes a bit easier. I’ll go over any pros and cons of the machine during this article to help you decide whether this model is right for you.


As with other blenders from the C-Series, there’s a giant 2.0-horsepower motor inside the base of the machine. It provides enough power to grind raw peanuts into peanut butter or liquefy juices and smoothies into a smooth consistency, even with the skin or peel left on.

The Vitamix 500 will handle any sort of thick recipe you throw at it. These blenders truly provide commercial-type performance for consumers at home. You might be surprised at the power if you’ve only ever used cheaper mass-market blenders before. Watch the video below to see this exact model in action.

There’s a lot of heat generated over time from the large motor. This heat is transferred directly into your liquids, which is how you can make steaming hot soups. The lid is actually vented to allow that steam to escape.

Don’t worry about boiling your fresh juices and smoothies though! The blender isn’t usually on long enough to heat the mixture up with those recipes. You can always place a few ice cubes in to help keep it cool if you have a more complex recipe.

The Vitamix is designed to suck in air to help keep itself cool and running smoothly. If the vents were to somehow get blocked and the heat started rising, the blender would automatically turn itself off to protect itself. I’ve never seen this happen but it’s a nice safety feature to have implemented just in case.


On the front you have a 10 variable speed dial, pulse switch, on/off switch, and 3 preset modes to choose from. These include: hot soups, smoothies, and frozen desserts. I’m a big fan of the preset modes on these Vitamix models. They allow you to add the ingredients for a recipe and let the machine automatically handle the entire blending process. This gives you wonderfully consistent results each and every time. It’s definitely a convenient feature, you can walk away to focus on something else while it does its thing.

The manual speed dial and pulse switch is also great for more delicate or complex recipes. If you’re the type of person that needs more control the manual options are a must. Using these gives you the precision of the Vitamix 5200.

pro 500 panel

There are many different types of things you can make in a Vitamix. I already briefly mentioned a few of the expected ones such as fresh juices, smoothies, and hot soups. It can also make dough, nut butters, ice cream, and sorbets as well!

The nut butters can be made without any additional ingredients. The intense heat while running leeches out the natural oils, which help turn everything into a thick smooth paste. I’ve been talking about all that heat coming off the motor, so it might be surprising that there are several recipes to make some delicious frozen desserts. This blender really can replace other appliances you may have in your kitchen.


There’s plenty to love about the Vitamix 500 Professional Series. It’s a high-end blender capable of devouring any tough ingredient and doing the job of other appliances. It’s the type of product you’d want to use every day because of its overall simplicity and performance.

create cookbookThis model is a relabeled Vitamix 6300 design. The difference being the included “Create” cookbook with an easel back, full-color pages, and filled with gourmet recipes from professional chefs. The 6300 cookbook is called “Savor Recipes”. Your choice between these two models comes down to price and whichever cookbook you prefer. Though you can buy them separate later on of course.


The warranty on this model lasts seven full years from the time of purchase. That’s an incredibly long amount of time. This means that if anything were to break, not due to human error, the blender would be covered and repaired. The best part about that is Vitamix will pay shipping both ways when dealing with warranty claims. Compared to cheaper brands that require you to spend your own money to ship the machine, this is a huge benefit. It allows you to have some peace of mind that this machine will last you for several years.

I’d say this is probably one of my favorite models that Vitamix makes. You get complete manual speed control so you never feel limited, along with a few helpful presets to do automatic blends. On top of that it’s a product that’s built right here in America, so that’s something else you can feel good about if that sort of thing matters to you. In the end, the decision will be yours, if you’re looking at getting a 6300 this is a great alternative since you can typically find the 500 model at a lower price. I’d also like to recommend you check out the Vitamix 300 if the presets don’t matter to you.

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