Vitamix 750 – How Does it Compare to Other High-End Blenders?

Are you looking for the best blender for yourself but having difficulties choosing one? Maybe the Vitamix 750 will fit your needs perfectly. In this article we’ll review the various performance and features that make it stand out among other high-end choices. To start things off, this model normally has a retail price of $639 and is similar in many ways to the Vitamix 6300 or Vitamix 7500, though there are a few key differences you should be aware of. Specifically, this model comes with a newer container that’s shorter in stature and offers five pre-programmed settings for simplified blending.

I’ll try to cover all of the positives along with the negatives to help you choose whether this specific model has the features you want. I’m well aware that there’s nothing worse than buying a product you aren’t happy with, especially when that product is half a grand or more. Hopefully I’ll be able to cover every important aspect of the machine and point out any essential details for you. We can begin by talking about the overall performance of the blender as that’s really a stand out aspect of a Vitamix.

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    If you could peer into the base of the blender you would see a large 2.2-peak horsepower motor inside that can propel its blades up to 270mph. This motor is slightly more powerful than several other models from Vitamix, which are mostly rated at 2.0-peak horsepower, such as the popular Vitamix 5200. This amount of raw power provides enough energy to handle any type of tough ingredient you can throw at it. It’s capable of creating smoothies with a perfectly creamy texture and can turn raw peanuts into homemade peanut butter. Did you know that’s something you want your blender to do?

    Obviously, with such a high-end motor, there’s going to be some heat generated due to the sheer size of the motor inside. Thankfully the machine is smart and utilizes a radial-cooling system to keep things running smoothly. This sucks air in and forces it over the components so that the blender can run for extended amounts of time. There’s also a built-in safety feature that will turn the machine off in the event the temperature gets too high. Maybe the vents could get obstructed by a towel or something and limit the amount of airflow. I’ve never experienced this happening before, but it’s a safety feature that’s there in case of a worst-case scenario. Here’s a video of the Vitamix 750 blending a thick hummus recipe so you can see it in action.


    Having a blender equipped with this much power does make the machine a bit noisy at its highest speed. Yet, it’s actually a bit quieter than the previous models that use the old blender container. This is because the blades are 4″ long instead of 3″ and spin at a slower RPM. You may even be able to reduce the noise a bit further by placing a flat piece of rubber underneath the base of your blender. This will cut back on the overall vibration produced and in turn, the noise.


    Looking at the front of the machine, you’ll see that there are 10 manual speed options to choose from along with a pulse button. There are also five pre-programmed settings I mentioned earlier on the Vitamix 750 control panel. You can choose from: smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, purée, and the fifth setting is an automatic cleaning mode. These are what make the blender really convenient and simple to use. All you have to do is add your ingredients into the blender container, select a preset, and hit start. The machine takes over and automatically blends the ingredients for perfectly consistent results. It does this by running a specialized cycle the automatically adjusts the speed to give you consistent blends every time you use them.

    Vitamix 750 Blender base

    The blender’s cord length is about 6 ft long and the entire blender stands at 17.4″ tall with the container attached. This allows the machine to easily fit underneath your kitchen cabinets without having to remove the container. That’s a common minor annoyance with the models using the taller jar. On top of all of this, the shorter container included tends to be easier to clean as well and requires less tamping when preparing certain recipes. Overall it’s a decent improvement over some of the older Vitamix models.


    When you purchase your Vitamix 750 blender you’ll receive a few nice extras inside the box. There’s a “Getting Started” guide, a full-color “Create” cookbook that has recipes from gourmet chefs, and a tutorial DVD with Chef Michael Voltaggio. It’s really a fantastic way to start learning how to use your blender right away and jump into blending.

    Aside from those included things, there are a few other accessories you can purchase separately. These would be different sized blender containers, spatulas, and more. I do like the “dry grains” container as it’s made for dough recipes and performs a bit better when making homemade nut butters. If you have an interest in preparing those you may want to look into getting the dry grains jar for your Vitamix.

    Do you love drinking fresh fruit juices? If so, you may want to look into buying the filtration bag accessory. That makes it hassle-free to strain the pulp right out of your juice. There are pros and cons to doing that when juicing, which I’ve written an article about here: The Pros and Cons of Juicing. Give the link a click when you’re done to read about more details.

    vitamix blades

    Any Downsides?

    There are a few minor negatives you should be aware of before purchasing this model. I’ll mention again that the machine can be a bit noisy, but that’ll be the case regardless of which Vitamix model you end up buying because of their massive motors. These high-end blenders offer higher performance, so the loudness shouldn’t be too surprising. The Vitamix 750 does manage to be quieter than some other Vitamix models. There are also ways to dampen the noise a bit more if it’s overly bothersome to you. I guess some people might be more sensitive to noise than others as well. Another thing to be aware of is that the Vitamix 750 still requires some tamping when preparing thick recipes. This is more of an annoyance than a true negative and the need to tamp is reduced thanks to the new short container.

    The blender does generate a lot of heat so you’ll have to be careful when making a cold recipe such as a smoothie or frozen dessert. If you leave the motor on for too long it’ll start to heat the mixture up and melt everything. You can counteract this by adding a few ice cubes and going slow and steady. The best way to avoid the temperature from rising is to take a longer pause between pulsing your mixture. This gives the motor time to cool down a bit before revving back up.

    Final Thoughts

    A Vitamix 750 originally retails for $639 and is definitely a solid performing blender with several convenient features. I really love the pre-programmed settings that make certain recipes easier to prepare. The soup setting, for instance, is great to have running automatically while you’re busy in the kitchen preparing something else. When the machine is finished you’ll have a piping hot soup with minimal effort. In the end, you’ll have to be the one to decide whether the presets warrant the extra cost compared to any cheaper models. If you don’t mind having to use a blender with only manual controls, one of the other models might be better for you, such as the newer Vitamix E310.

    Vitamix Pro 750 ReviewI should also quickly mention that this blender does come with an incredibly long 7-year warranty. This is a huge bonus when buying a Vitamix 750 and a big reason to buy one over a cheaper brand. They’re obviously built to last and the warranty lets you know you’ll be covered for a long time. Can you imagine the types of products we’ll have within the next 7 years? You’ll be able to relax knowing you’re covered that entire length of time. The machine is also assembled right here in the USA using at least 70% of parts that originated from our country(at least at the time of this original writing).

    Additional Details

    There aren’t that many negatives about the Vitamix 750 blender and overall I’d say it’s one of my favorite blenders available to buy. The pre-programmed settings aren’t a necessity but they’re great to have as an additional feature. In fact, once you start using them you might never want a blender without them. I’d recommend you write a list of requirements you want out of your ideal blender and compare that to each model. Hopefully, that list will help you determine which is the best blender choice for you. If you’d like model recommendations, please look over the following section.

    Vitamix 750 Blender Offers

    You can click the buttons below to view the current price and more information on Amazon. I’d highly suggest adding the item to your cart so that you can view a total price. The following link is to the Vitamix 750 model that this entire article is based on.

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    If you’re willing to consider other models I have a couple alternative choices for you. The first is the Vitamix V1200, it has Bluetooth smart features, same powerful motor, and many other similarities to the 750 Pro model. Be aware that it is a renewed machine, but includes a 5-year warranty and comes with a 90-day guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

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    Finally, if you don’t care about any of the presets and just want to own a Vitamix, look into the Vitamix E310 model.

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