Blendtec – Manufacturing Marvels

I was browsing around the internet doing some research on various topics and came across this Blendtec “Manufacturing Marvels” video. It briefly goes behind the scenes to show you part of the manufacturing process for their blenders. It kind of plays out like a typical promotional video but it’s still interesting to see the time and care that goes into making them. It really seems like they’re constantly trying to improve and advance the blender technology. It’s also great to see it being made right here in the USA when so many other products aren’t.

Another thing I discovered that I wasn’t previously aware of is that the guy that hosts the “Will it Blend?” web series is actually the inventor and founder of the Blendtec blender. Which happens to be a series I love checking out pretty frequently. If you’ve never seen it before the videos are located on their YouTube channel here: Blendtec Channel It’s basically just him blending a huge range of appliances, gadgets, and other hard items to test the capability of the blender. It’s pretty impressive seeing it chew through an iPhone or other tough device. It really gives you the feeling that the machine can handle anything you’d personally use it for. Assuming you’re planning on making food and not turning your appliances into powder.

I really like the digital interface on their blenders too, it seems so futuristic having it light up and being touch sensitive. At the same time, I always worry that it’ll be the first part of the machine to malfunction for me. Even though I’ve never had a problem with that yet, it’s just an unfounded fear until it happens I suppose. The blenders have a long warranty but you can’t beat manual controls in terms of reliability in my opinion. Automatic controls just help make things a little easier for the consumer. Being able to hit one button and have the machine take care of everything frees up your time to focus on other things. I hope everyone else enjoys the video peering behind the scenes of the Blendtec company.