Blendtec Go Fit Blender – A Good First Blender?

Looking at the Blendtec Fit blender you’ll immediately notice its minimalistic design and features. This model is a newcomer to the Blendtec family and has a retail price of $299.95. It has the same powerful performance you’d expect from a high-end brand but with the addition of convenient simplified controls.

Blendtec Fit BlenderThe goal of this product seems to be offering commercial blending to people that want to enter the world of quality blenders. Whether you want to eat healthier or tackle your fitness goals, a blender can be a great addition in your kitchen. The question is whether this specific model is the right choice for you and your needs right?

Control Panel

There are many different blenders that offer unique control schemes unlike what you may be accustomed to. The Fit blender is one of those machines. Upon looking at the panel you can see there are only 4 buttons to choose from. They each have a different design and are clearly labeled to make them easy-to-use.

So, there isn’t any manual speed control or dial, what exactly do these buttons do? Well, running from the left to the right; you have a 30-second timer cycle. Selecting this will make the blender do a blend cycle for 30 seconds. If you need more time the following button will add time in 10-second increments.

blendtec control fit

The final two buttons are low pulse and high pulse. These would be good for when you need a bit more control. Perhaps a low pulse for a delicate salsa where you don’t want to turn everything into a mush. These two buttons serve the same purpose just with varying degrees of power.

LCD Panel

Having the blender automatically run blend cycles sounds great but wouldn’t it be nice to know how much time is left before the blender is finished? Especially if you’re tapping that +10 button multiple times? Well, Blendtec thought about that thankfully and added an illuminated LCD screen onto the front of the machine.

You’ll always be able to know how much additional time you added with that +10 control button, thank goodness. It’s an important addition for sure and makes things a bit more convenient. With some testing, you can figure out how long to blend your favorite recipes. Is it 60 seconds for your smoothie? Well, just set the desired time and let the blender do the rest.

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It can be nice having these simplified controls but what about the overall power of the blender? It’s another important factor to consider, possibly even the biggest one. This is an entry-level model though, does that mean it’s powered by a small hamster running on a wheel? No, that would be silly.

I’m glad to see that Blendtec is actually using their 3.0-peak horsepower motor. This provides enough power to tear apart all sorts of tough ingredients. In fact, Blendtec started a popular web series where they’d blend metal objects and other crazy things just to show how powerful and tough their machines are. Which, by the way, is obviously something you should never personally do. They just wanted to show an extreme demonstration. Here’s a video as an example from another model in action.

So use the Blendtec Fit blender to make your favorite smoothies and watch it crush the ice and ingredients into a smooth mixture. Hot soups would be another thing Blendtecs are capable of. Throw the ingredients in, set the timer cycle, and let the blender heat everything up. These are very versatile kitchen appliances.


3.0-peak horsepower
FourSide Jar: markings up to 32oz
Blend cycles: 30 seconds, +10 seconds
Manual control: low pulse, high pulse
Control panel style: push-button
Dimensions: 7″ x 15″ x 8″
Warranty: 2-years


Blendtec front FitIt seems like the Blendtec Fit has hit its goal and offers a nice entry-point into the blender world. It has simple controls and uses a minimalistic approach to blending. Yet, it’s also flexible and can handle a wide range of recipes. There are so many different healthy blender recipes available all over the internet that you could try.

The only thing you might have to deal with is figuring out how much time each recipe requires for blending. I guess that can vary between all blenders though due to the performance difference between brands and models.

Overall I think it seems to offer powerful performance while being easy-to-use. If you want more manual control or other preset modes I’d recommend considering the next model up, the Blendtec Classic 575. The 575 includes a few more features and a longer 8-year warranty compared to the only 2-years with the Fit. Either way, I hope you get a blender that fits your needs and I wish you a very happy blending!

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