Blendtec Stealth 795 Review: The World’s Quietest Blender?

The Blendtec Stealth 795 is part of the Stealth Series blender line. These models are built to deliver powerful performance while also being much quieter than your common blender. This is due to the external housing around the blender jar which dampens the noise. It’s perfect for anyone sensitive to loud noises or someone that just wants to make less noise while blending around other people. The Blendtec company states that it operates at about the loudness of a normal conversation.

best quiet blenderThe Blendtec 795 is very similar to the Pro 800 model in many ways, in fact, perhaps you’re reading this article to see what the difference actually is between the two blenders. I’ll review as many details as possible to try to help you make an informed decision. After all, this is a rather big purchase, so is this the right model for you?

Blender Noise

The number one reason for buying this blender is obviously the reduced noise it produces while in use. Most high-end blenders create a ton of noise because they have such a massive motor inside them. The outer enclosure brings the noise level down so you don’t disturb anyone else.

Being able to hear the noise difference is pretty important for this type of product. I embedded a video so you can hear the audible difference between the enclosure being lifted and lowered. Hopefully, this helps demonstrate a rough idea of the noise reduction.

You can actually keep talking to other people while blending. That’s not typically something you can do without raising your voice several octaves when using a Blendtec or Vitamix blender. It isn’t a whisper while running, but it’s definitely much quieter once the outside shell is down. It’s absolutely a noticeable difference versus many other choices. I think it also shows that this is easily one of the best quiet blenders available.


Here’s where the differences between the Pro 800 and the Stealth 795 begin. Inside the Pro 800 is a “huge” 3.8-HP motor, and inside the Stealth 795 is a “still pretty huge” 3.0-HP motor. They both provide a ton of performance and are much larger than regular blenders found in the retail bargain bin.

blender motorThere’s plenty of power to pulverize ice and shred ingredients into a smooth mixture. This becomes apparent the moment you start using the machine to blend a smoothie or hot soup. You can practically throw anything at the blender and it’ll devour it.

The Blendtec company has created videos on YouTube showing their blenders turning hard metal, plastic, and wood objects into basically dust. The founder of the company would even grind pieces of wood into sawdust when he started developing these blenders.


There’s an illuminated control panel you’ll use to select your speeds and automated presets. You can choose from 11 different manual speeds, a pulse button, and 6 unique preset modes. Plus, the convenient onboard LCD screen will display the amount of time the blender has been running. This will allow you to keep track of your blends a bit better.

The manual controls give you the ability to get the right amount of power needed for any given recipe. If you prefer to handle the blending process yourself manually, this is definitely the option for you. The pulse button will also give a quick burst of blending which is perfect for blends that don’t require complete mixing.

795 control panel

Then there are the 6 preset modes, which are preprogrammed tasks that give you the same blending results every time they run. You can select the following options: Batters, Mixed Drinks, Smoothie, Frozen Treats, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup. These can be a big added convenience for some people that don’t want to mess with adjusting blending speeds. If you want the blender to handle the entire blending process you’ll definitely want to use these preset modes! Just add your ingredients, select the mode, and the machine will do the rest. We’re approaching the Jetson’s era of technology!


3.0 Horsepower motor
Illuminated touch panel
11 manual speeds
6 Automated blend modes
WildSide+ Jar
360-degree enclosure – Sound level of a regular conversation
All-metal drive train and high-quality parts
Long 8-year warranty
blendtec jar mixture


The quietness of the Blendtec Stealth 795 is really the biggest reason for choosing this model. Of course, there’s a ton of power available and it has the performance to pulverize all sorts of tough ingredients. If you want a very powerful blender that can handle anything you throw at it while not blowing out your eardrums, this seems to be a rather smart choice for you in my opinion. If the noise reduction isn’t high on your priority list I’d recommend you consider an alternative though.

I should also quickly mention that the Blendtec 795 comes with a long 8-year warranty as well. This is another difference between the Pro 800 model which has a slightly longer 10-year warranty included. So when deciding between the two models it’ll likely come down to price and value. They both have around the same performance, the same features, and run much quieter than normal models. Ask yourself whether the quiet operation is essential and if the model has the features you’re looking for. Happy blending!

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