Blendtec Twister Jar – An Essential Accessory?

The Blendtec Twister jar is a unique container that further increases your blender’s ability to handle ultra-thick recipes. It’s available in two different sizes, either 37-ounce or 28-ounce capacity. Its high-performance is due to its small size, which targets the performance into a confined area. You’ll be happy to know that it’s compatible with every Blendtec model, aside from the Mix n’ Blend.Blendtec Twister Jar

I assume you’re trying to decide whether you should spend the money on this accessory or not. After all, a Blendtec blender is already powerful and capable of handling anything right? Well, they are indeed very powerful, but the smaller jar allows you to make smaller batches and it tends to do the work quicker. Let’s check out what’s special about these containers.

Container Uses

As I previously mentioned, the containers are better at handling the thickest recipes. Things like hummus, nut butters, or homemade baby food. These types of recipes are where the containers excel at. One really nice benefit of the small size is that you can make single serve smoothies.

The standard container that comes with all Blendtec models is so large and for bigger recipes for multiple people. The Twister jar allows you to make one drink at a time. It’s a bit more convenient when you just want to make something for yourself. I’ll embed a video so you can see what the container looks like in action.

You might also want to consider getting this accessory to prepare your own baby food if you have a newborn. I know that’s becoming more popular lately. There are many different recipes online, in fact, the official has an article on how to make baby food in your Blendtec.


The maximum capacity of the Twister container is 37-ounces and it has measurements up to 16-ounces etched onto the front. In comparison, the Mini Twister container can hold up to 28-ounces and has measurements up to 12-ounces. They both utilize the same type of blade and operate similarly. However, the bigger Twister container also includes a mini gripper lid for thinner blends. This is for fresh juices or any recipe that’s on the watery twister jar

You’ll notice that the lid has a very unique design feature. When you rotate the top of the lid in a counter-clockwise motion, two prongs scrape against the inside of the container. This action pulls food down into the blades and helps prevent the ingredients from sticking to the sides. I should note there’s a spatula included with both as well to help you get the mixture out of the container.


Overall these jars excel in certain situations and would be a great additional accessory in my opinion. Mainly if you plan on preparing small batches or want an easier time blending thick recipes. The single serve capability alone might be enough for some people. However, if you don’t do much of that then I would recommend you pass on getting one for now.

They each also come with a pretty long 3-year warranty. So at least it’s a product that should last you a decent amount of time. Try to think about how often you’d make small batches of things and maybe that’ll help you decide if either of the Twister jars are right for you.

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