Vitamix 6500 – Is It An Improved 6300?

This Vitamix 6500 review will talk about the many things in common with other models, especially the 6300 and 750 blenders. It combines the benefits of automatic presets, a large motor, and their shorter jar to make a very capable machine.

In this post, I’ll be going over the various features and any positives or negatives you should be aware of. I know buying an appliance in this price range is a big decision, so it’s important to make a choice you’re really happy with.


The motor built into this machine puts a massive 2.2 horsepower at your disposal. This is a higher rating than the Vitamix 6300. It’ll handle many tough-skinned vegetables and fruit. You can prepare fresh homemade peanut butter from raw nuts and create smoothies that have a perfectly silky smooth consistency thanks to the power.

Vitamix 6500This model also utilizes the company’s low-profile 64oz container. It has a few advantages over the older taller style for most people, aside from being shorter. The blades are a bit longer at 4″ versus the 3″ blades found in the tall container. Some people say this newer design is quieter in operation and requires less tamping.

vitamix wet bladesHaving a motor this size does produce quite a bit of noise at its maximum speed. Though it is a bit quieter than the machines that use the older 2.0-HP motor.

Thankfully many recipes can be finished in under 60 seconds. Obviously, some people are more sensitive to this than others but it’s something to be aware of. Noise is an issue all of these high-end brands have to deal with and workaround.


This blender gives you several options on the control panel. You get 10 manual speeds and a pulse switch for complete control over your mixture. These speeds allow you to dial in the perfect amount of power for whatever you’re preparing. If you don’t trust your blender to be in charge and run its automatic modes, these are an absolute must.

6500 front panel

Much like the other high-end models, this blender also includes 3 automatic preset modes you can select from. The options are: smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups. These work how you’d probably expect. You add the ingredients, select a preset, and the machine will handle the entire mixing process. I really like these modes and they’re quite convenient to use if you’re trying to do other things in your kitchen or want consistent results.

There’s a lot of heat generated under longer continuous use. This is how you’re able to make steaming hot soups right inside the blender jar. You’ll be happy to know that all Vitamix machines have a design that pulls air in an blows it over the motor to help keep it running smoothly.


3 Auto presets
10 manual speeds
Dedicated pulse switch
64oz Low-profile container
Low-profile tamper
7-year warranty
Dimensions: 17.3″ x 8.8″ x 7.3″
Weight: 11.95 lbs
Power cord: 6 feet
Motor: 2.2-horsepower
stubby 64 jar


The Vitamix 6500 really does seem to combine the best of the 6300 and 750 models into one really well-rounded blender. The larger motor gives you more power at your disposal when grinding through tough ingredients. The shorter container allows it to easily fit under most kitchen cabinets unlike models with the taller jar. Then add in the convenient preset mode functionality and you can see why this is an easy recommendation. Honestly, this model is basically the Vitamix 750 without two of the preset modes, specifically a cleaning and purée choice.

It’s also important to mention that the 6500 comes with a full 7-year warranty. If something unfortunate happens, and it isn’t due to human error, Vitamix will fix your blender for that length of time. The company will even pay shipping both ways when dealing with warranty claims. This is a huge pro over buying a cheap mass-market blender and should give you a lot of peace of mind, knowing you’ll have a nice blender for years to come.

You’ll be the one that has to weigh the pros and cons of other competing models. I don’t think you’d be unhappy with either of the Vitamix blenders mentioned in this article.

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