Cleanblend Blender – Buy this instead of a Vitamix?

The Cleanblend blender is a popular alternative choice for someone considering a Vitamix or other high-end brand. It boasts a 3-horsepower 1,800-watt motor which appears to provide similar power as other top offerings, at least on paper. The company states their machine is less expensive while still including all of the same features as more expensive blenders.

cleanblend blenderThis model doesn’t include any automated presets but it can create hot soups directly in the container. This is something cheap blenders typically lack, such as a Ninja, so it’s really nice to see this capability here. There’s also a long five-warranty included to give you some extra peace of mind with your purchase. Does all of this make it an easy buying decision? Let’s review the features and performance and see what exactly the blender compares to.


The control panel doesn’t have a large variety of options to choose from. There’s only an on/off switch, pulse switch, and a variable speed dial. On the positive side, this makes the blender easy to use and very user-friendly. If we’re comparing it to the Vitamix line, I’d say it’s around a 7500 and 5300 in terms of the controls being offered.

control panelYou have the variable speed dial to manually adjust the power given to your blends. This allows you to fine tune everything to get the perfect consistency for your recipes. The pulse switch works great for delicate recipes such as salsas or chunky dips that don’t require a thorough blending. Everything is very straightforward when using this blender.

Are you wondering what sorts of things you can prepare in this? Smoothies and fresh juices are pretty standard. Did you know you can also prepare ice creams/sorbets and hot soups directly in the Cleanblend blender jar? The company has a YouTube channel that they update regularly with new recipes that are easy to follow.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any automated preset modes, though this may not be that big of a deal for you. They’re just a nice feature and extra convenience for someone lazy like myself. You also won’t find any sort of backlit LCD on the machine. I really like when I have an onboard timer when blending to keep track of things. It’s also nice if I’m running around the kitchen and want the machine to turn off after a certain amount of time. Most recipes don’t take long in these high-end blenders though so these are things most people can live without.


The base of the machine houses a large 3.0-horsepower motor rated at 1,800 watts. This has enough performance to liquefy raw vegetables and fruits into a velvety consistency. You can make homemade nut butters just as you would in any other top blender. So, the performance is there to handle a wide range of tasks.

You may just want a blender that can make something simple, such as smoothies, which this blender would be great at. I believe this machine has capabilities beyond what you may consider using it for though. I suspect their YouTube channel will give you new ideas and inspiration for exciting recipes.

bladesI think blade design can have a big impact on how these blenders perform. The blades on this model utilize a 6-point system with gnarly jagged teeth. This helps tear apart ingredients and pulverize anything that goes into the container.

There’s a lot of heat generated with such a giant motor inside the Cleanblend blender. It’s actually how you’re able to make hot soups directly in the blender jar. You add your ingredients, let the machine run for a set amount of time, and out comes a piping hot soup. Most recipes can be finished quickly which doesn’t allow the machine to heat up enough to affect your blends. You can add ice cubes or frozen fruit to juice or smoothie recipes to help keep them cold if that ever becomes an issue.


The look of the Cleanblend blender is pretty basic and barebones. Yet it’s appealing in a simple sort of way. I’d say it’s nicer than some of the Ninja models at least. Be aware, it does take up quite a bit of space on your countertop though.

It has an overall height of 21″~ tall with the container and lid attached. If you remove the lid the height drops to about 19″. So, it may not fit underneath your cabinets and you may want to do some measurements.


There aren’t many included accessories with this model. You have a large 64oz container which is BPA-Free. They say it’s virtually indestructible so hopefully, it’ll hold up to the constant abuse of grinding ice cubes and other tough ingredients.

64oz containerYou’ll also receive a tamper to use when making thick recipes such as hummus. This will help allow you to better incorporate ingredients together. You won’t find a cookbook in the box though. I’m assuming they want you to get recipes from their YouTube channel instead.

It also lacks any spatulas, so you might want to consider getting one or a set to use with this blender. I’m sure most people already have one, but it’s a helpful accessory when you have to scrape your mixtures out of the container.


3.0 horsepower – 1,800 watts
Manual speed dial + Pulse
64oz blender jar – BPA free
Included tamper
21″~ tall with jar and lid
19″~ tall without lid
Weight: About 11 lbs
5-year warranty


The Cleanblend 3HP 1800 Watt Commercial Blender is a nice alternative if you’re looking to save some money over more expensive brands. It has a very powerful motor that can handle all sorts of tough ingredients you may throw at it. It does lack any fancy features but you do get a blender with what the company calls, commercial-grade performance. In comparison to the Vitamix line, it’s around the 7500 and 5300 models.

One of the nicest bonuses is the fact that it comes with a lengthy 5-year warranty. This means if something goes wrong within that time frame, you’ll be covered. Assuming it’s not due to human error of course. I’m actually pretty surprised a blender at this price point is able to offer such a warranty. It should really help give you some peace of mind, with half a decade of coverage.

This is an interesting product because it’s above the cheaper Ninja models, yet well under the cost of a Vitamix or Blendtec. It seems like it fits perfectly in between and offers enough performance to be a serious choice for most people. The long warranty is like icing on the cake.

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