The Breville Boss BBL910XL – Is It Really An Alternative?

The Breville Boss BBL910XL blender is a high-end product designed to compete with the major blender brands, Vitamix and Blendtec. Breville is a pretty well-known brand, but can they really offer a blender with comparable performance and features?

The Breville Boss BBL910XLTo start things off, this model comes equipped with a two horsepower motor and has five unique automated blending modes. So far things are looking pretty positive. Let’s jump into more detail and break down each part of the blender.


There are several different options available to you on the control panel. In fact, at first glance, you might think it resembles the controls from the NASA Apollo spacecraft. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the buttons and choices though. Everything is clearly labeled and smartly organized.

You’ll use the manual dial if you want to be completely in control of the blending process. These speeds range from one all the way up to twelve. Speed one is “stir” for delicate recipes while speed twelve would be used for high-speed milling. This will give you a lot of flexibility if you’re the type of person that likes to control everything, you know who you are.

There’s a timer feature where you can set a time and the machine will blend for the designated length. This is convenient if you have other things to do around the kitchen. The backlit LCD counts down how much time is left for your blend. You’ll also find a dedicated pause button, in the event you want to add extra ingredients partway through.

Finally, the blender comes with five different automated blending modes: Pulse/Ice Crush, Smoothie, Green Smoothie, Frozen Dessert, and Soup. These modes run a specific blending cycle that automatically adjusts the speed and timing. You can add your ingredients and let the blender do all the work. Using these settings gives you consistent results every time.


This Breville blender contains a 2.0 horsepower motor rated at 1,500 watts. It has the power to turn raw ice into snow and liquefy ingredients for silky smooth soups. It seems pretty comparable to other high-end brands in terms of performance.

Breville bladesThe blades are called ProKinetix, which means nothing, but they do have a unique design. Part of them is like a standard blade, sharp and angled. The other half is somewhat similar to the blades found on a Blendtec, which are blunt and not sharp. So these blades will cut and crush ingredients all at the same time to ensure a thorough blending.

I should mention that this blender can make hot soups right in the jar. Heat is transferred from the motor directly into the container. Some cheaper models require you to heat your mixture up on a stovetop and then finish it by blending everything together. It’s a great feature if you enjoy making homemade hot soups.


The first thing you’ll probably notice is how high-end the control panel looks. I think Breville really nailed the overall design. It looks pleasing, borderline futuristic, while also being functional and well-organized.

Breville blender baseThe base of the machine is made out of metal, which gives the entire blender a solid and sturdy feel. I personally prefer it over having a plastic shell found in other brands. It feels much higher quality and “premium”.

It’s also only 18″ tall so it should fit underneath most kitchen cabinets. By comparison, the Vitamix blenders that utilize the tall jar have a height of 20.5″, making them too tall for many people’s kitchen. I like being able to have the blender container attached and ready to go, though it also isn’t much of a hassle setting the jar next to the base. Personal preference I suppose. You may want to measure your cabinets just to be sure.


The blender does come with a few helpful accessories to get you started. The best is probably the “Blending with the Boss” recipe book. As you’d expect, it’s filled with delicious recipes to get you using your blender right away. If you’d like to look through this cookbook, Breville UK has a free digital version of it located at this link: Blending with the Boss Recipes. Note: Be aware that is the UK/metric system cookbook in the link. You’ll receive the American version when you order your blender.

You’ll also receive a flexible spatula for removing blended recipes from the container. This is especially good to use on stubborn thick mixtures. You don’t want to miss out on all that goodness stuck to the inside of the blender jar.

Finally, there’s a frozen dessert tamper. When you’re making frozen desserts, the mixture tends to climb up the sides of the container. This is to be used to help push ingredients back down towards the blades.


2.0 horsepower – 1,500 watts
Twelve manual speeds + pulse
Five automated modes
Pause/resume button
Backlit LCD w/ timer
68oz blender jar – BPA free
Dimensions: 7.75″ x 9.5″ x 18″
Weight: About 8 lbs
7-year limited warranty


The Breville Boss BBL910XL blender offers performance that’s comparable to both Vitamix and Blendtec. Yet, at its price point, it offers many advanced features that typically cost much more. I’d say this model is one of the best alternatives available at the moment.

Another great thing about this blender is the long 7-year warranty. According to this link on the official site, Breville will send you a prepaid shipping label when handling repairs. This is awesome to have since cheaper brands such a Ninja make you personally pay to ship the product. Warranties must be approved and valid though. The issue or problem with the blender cannot be due to human error.

Overall “The Boss” blender would be a great choice if you’re looking for a high-end model. I’d recommend it if you want a brand new machine with a lot of fancy functionality. The only alternative choices around the same price would be refurbished blenders from Blendtec or Vitamix.

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