Vitamix A2300 – Perfect Blend of Affordability and Performance?

The Vitamix A2300 blender is part of a newer product line from Vitamix called the Ascent Series. It has a retail price of $500, making it the most affordable choice in this newer blender line. It’s powered by a hefty 2.2-peak horsepower motor which can crush and pulverize all kinds of ingredients. This is something everyone has come to expect when buying a Vitamix.

Vitamix A2300You won’t find any automatic presets included on the control panel, but there is a dedicated pulse switch at least. The A2300 really reminds me of the classic Vitamix 5200, which actually lacks a physical pulse switch believe it or not. The A2300 blender uses containers that are all low-profile, meaning it’s more likely to fit underneath your cabinets. You should also be happy to know that there’s an incredibly long 10-year warranty included. Just from this info alone, you can see that this is a blender that’s built to last. How about we review the functionality of this model first?

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