Vitamix A2300: The Perfect Blend of Affordability and Performance?

The Vitamix A2300 blender is part of a newer product line from Vitamix called the Ascent Series. It has a retail price of $500, making it the most affordable choice in this newer blender line. It’s powered by a hefty 2.2-peak horsepower motor which can crush and pulverize all kinds of ingredients. This is something everyone has come to expect when buying a Vitamix.

Vitamix A2300You won’t find any automatic presets included on the control panel, but there is a dedicated pulse switch at least. The A2300 really reminds me of the classic Vitamix 5200, which actually lacks a physical pulse switch believe it or not. The A2300 blender uses containers that are all low-profile, meaning it’s more likely to fit underneath your cabinets. You should also be happy to know that there’s an incredibly long 10-year warranty included. Just from this info alone, you can see that this is a blender that’s built to last. How about we review the functionality of this model first?

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  • Functionality

    If you’re familiar with previous Vitamix models, you’ll immediately notice how high-end the new control panel looks. There are lights, a timer, and the manual controls all have a high-quality look to them. The entire design is a big improvement over older models in my opinion. In terms of the actual controls available, they’re the same as what you’d find on a Vitamix 5300 or a Vitamix 7500. Both of which are legacy products from Vitamix.

    You’ll mostly be interacting with the A2300 via the variable speed dial. Rotating this allows you have complete control over the entire blending process and fine-tune the power needed. There’s also a dedicated pulse switch as I mentioned. The pulse feature itself is great for making chunky recipes or anything that you don’t want to over blend.

    There are really all kinds of recipes you can make with these blenders, some of which may surprise you. Have you ever considered using a blender to make ice cream, peanut butter, hot soups, and doughs? This blender basically does the job of multiple kitchen appliances. Having one machine on your counter will save you precious countertop space. Plus it can be easier to eat healthier when you prepare quick nutritious recipes with your blender.

    This A2300 model is missing automatic presets, but it isn’t a major deal for most people. If you really want those you’ll need to look into the next blenders in the Ascent series. I do like that there’s now a built-in digital timer at least. This will help you get consistent blending results by keeping track of how long the machine is running. Hopefully, all models going forward will have something like this.


    There’s a beefy 2.2 horsepower motor in the base of this blender. Many older models only have a rating of 2.0 horsepower, so this should be able to better handle difficult ingredients. Meaning, you’ll get smoother mixtures and be able to blend them faster. There’s a ton of performance available here and the blender has the capability to tackle a large variety of jobs.

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    Unlike many cheaper blenders, you can make hot soups directly in the container without the need to heat the mixture separately. Heat is generated directly from the motor and is then transferred directly into your blend. This happens after leaving the machine on for a few minutes. The mixture can get so hot that steam actually develops, so it isn’t just a “tepid” soup.

    Vitamix Ascent Series BladesThe blades are similar to every other Vitamix model. They have a 4-point design that creates a vortex which helps suck ingredients down into them. When you combine the blade design with the large motor it provides a perfect medley of technology.

    You’ll be able to find many different recipes online that will work with this blender. Either on the official website, YouTube channels, a Google search, or the official Vitamix app on your smart device.


    As I mentioned earlier, the Vitamix A2300 blender has a fantastic design that’s very strikingly appealing. It still looks like a Vitamix overall while having modern features paired with classic physical switches and dials. It’s nice to see the company update their product line with something more futuristic. They’ve really done a fantastic job with the look of the blender.

    A2300 Control Panel

    Another great feature of the new Ascent series is the inclusion of a low-profile container. This makes the height of the blender only around 17″. This means, as always, it’s more likely to fit under your cabinets and you shouldn’t have to remove the jar before storing.

    Other models that utilize the older container had a height of around 20″, making them a bit too tall for some people’s kitchens. This required the person to remove the container from the base in order to store the machine on their counter. A minor annoyance that’s now been remedied, though it wouldn’t hurt to measure your cabinets still, just in case.


    Vitamix Ascent Series Blender ContainerIncluded with the blender is a large low-profile 64-oz container. All of the jars are BPA-Free and come equipped with “Self-Detect” technology. This allows the blender to automatically detect which container has been attached and adjusts the blend settings accordingly. There are a few other containers you can buy in various sizes including a blending cup starter kit and a blending bowl starter kit.

    You do receive a low-profile tamper included with this model. It mainly helps when blending thick recipes like a dough or nut butter. Using the tamper pushes down ingredients and combines everything more evenly. There’s also a cookbook included with all sorts of recipes to try so you can start blending right away. Unfortunately no spatula though, so you might want to look into getting some of those if you don’t already have one.


    Another huge perk when buying the A2300 is that you get an extremely long 10-year warranty. Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t accidentally add a zero onto that. You’ll get covered for an entire decade. If something goes wrong with your blender and it isn’t due to human error, you can get it fixed. The company even pays shipping both ways when handling repairs, so it’s no cost to you. This should make you feel a bit more relaxed about making this purchase. At least you know you can have this blender functional for a long period of time.


    2.2 peak horsepower
    10-speed dial + Pulse switch
    64oz blender jar – BPA free
    Smart-Detect Technology (Detects which jar is attached)
    Includes tamper & cookbook
    Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 17 in
    Weight: 11.86 lbs
    10-year warranty
    Available in 4 colors

    Final Thoughts

    The Vitamix A2300 blender is a solid purchase for anyone looking to join the Vitamix world. It has some nice basic features that are melded with modern conveniences. Overall the machine is easy-to-use and incredibly versatile compared to some alternatives. If you want a blender that gives you silky smoothies and pure fresh juice, this is a really decent model to consider.

    I also think it’d be a pretty nice upgrade for owners of older Vitamix models. Maybe you’ve owned a Vitamix TurboBlend for many years and it’s starting to show its age. It’s similar to a Vitamix Vitamix 7500 or Vitamix 5300 in terms of performance.

    If you’re interested in having a blender with automatic presets, the next model above is the Vitamix A2500 with a retail price of $550. It includes 3 presets which are capable of preparing: Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts. Both models are very similar otherwise, you can read about the A2500 here for more information: Vitamix A2500 blender.

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