Which Vitamix Is The Best To Buy in 2023?

A common question people have asked me lately is, which Vitamix to buy? There are many different models to choose from, so it’s understandable that your choice may be a difficult one.

This is especially true once you start looking at all of the technical information. It can be overwhelming to sort through everything. Because of this, I thought it’d be a great idea to go over the models and recommend a few I consider “the best”. Hopefully, this helps make your buying decision easier.


The most popular model among consumers is without a doubt the Vitamix 5200. It’s considered the entry-level model from the company but still offers extremely powerful performance. It’s popular for a reason as it handles nut butters, hot soups, and really any blender recipe with ease. There’s a full write-up for this model located at the following link if you’d like more detailed information: Vitamix 5200

The other main Vitamix models that consumers favor are the 6000, 6300, 750, and 7500. Surprisingly, the 6000 model swaps the usual manual speed dial for a timer dial, automating the blending process. The 6300 is a high-end model that adds 3 convenient presets on top of the standard 10-speed control.

At the top of the Vitamix line sits the 750, which is similar to the 6300 but includes 5 total presets instead of only 3. It also comes with a new shorter blender container allowing it to fit more easily under cabinets. The 7500 is close in functionality to the 5200 model but adds a dedicated pulse button and also comes with the shorter blender container.which vitamix to buy


I would say my favorite is either the Vitamix 7500, 6300 or 750. Though the 5200 works well with all of the recipes I’ve thrown at it. I feel like the other models build onto an already strong foundation. The Vitamix 750 comes with a lot of nice features and I do like the newer blender jar, one that allows for slightly easier cleanup. It’s interesting to know that the blades are also different which makes it a little quieter than the Vitamix blenders that use the taller container.

You can buy additional jars in various sizes for any Vitamix model, so the one it comes with isn’t a big deal really. I’m a huge fan of any model that includes preset controls though. It’s nice being able to select a setting and have the blender control everything. It provides consistent blending results each and every time.

vitamix 7500 frontI should mention that the 5200, 7500, 6300, and 750 models come with a long 7-year warranty and the 6000 model has a 5-year warranty. That means you’ll be covered for a long time in the event anything happens to your beloved Vitamix blender. Plus they’re all assembled using at least 70% of parts originating from the USA, which is always nice to see. Many other cheaper brands are built in foreign countries, like the majority of other products these days.

Other Thoughts

Other models from Vitamix perform admirably but I’m unable to recommend them over the 7500, 6300, and 750. The Vitamix 6000, for instance, doesn’t have manual controls, which can be a big deal for some. There are only timer presets on the dial, the idea is that it’s an “automatic” blender. One where you just select a time and let it run by itself. It does well with the recipes it comes with but it can be tricky getting original recipes right.

Nothing is wrong with the 5200 and at the right price, it’s a great buy. Usually, you can find the other models for only a bit more and get more functionality for your money. Also, other models are just variations of the ones I’ve chosen as well. Such as the 6300 and the Pro 500 models.

Hopefully, this information and the full articles on the site help your decision on which Vitamix to buy.

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