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vitamix 6000

Vitamix 6000 – The most convenient blender?


The Vitamix 6000 is a completely different type of blender compared to other Vitamix models. It’s a blender that’s made with convenience in mind. Instead of having a dial dedicated to manually adjusting the

vitamix 6300

Vitamix 6300 – Is It The Ultimate Blender?


The Vitamix 6300 is one of the highest-end models that Vitamix currently makes. One of its key features is the combination of manual controls, along with 3 presets you can use for automatic blending.

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Vitamix 7500 – Is It Worth The Extra Money?


This Vitamix 7500 review will talk about the differences and the few improvements over the standard 5200 model, but is it worth the additional price? In this post, I’ll be talking about the pros and

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Vitamix 5200 – Why Is It A Favorite?


This Vitamix 5200 review will take a look at all aspects of the blender to help you assess the pros and cons of the machine. This model is actually the successor to the popular Vitamix 5000