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Vitamix 5300 featured

Vitamix 5300 Blender – Better Than The 5200?


The Vitamix 5300 blender is part of the C-Series and has a retail price of $529 according to the company. Some people might assume that it’s similar to the very popular Vitamix 5200, but

Vitamix 6500 new featured

Vitamix 6500 – Is It An Improved 6300?


This Vitamix 6500 review will talk about the many things in common with other models, especially the 6300 and 750 blenders. It combines the benefits of automatic presets, a large motor, and their shorter

Vitamix 780 featured

Vitamix 780 – The Latest and Greatest?


​The Vitamix 780 is the latest model from the Vitamix company with some exciting new features. It sits at the highest-end of their consumer product line and retails for $719. This blender is from

vitamix 500

Vitamix 500 – Professional Series


The Vitamix 500 Professional Series has a retail price of $649 and is apart of Vitamix’s C-Series. It’s from their classic line of blenders so it includes the tall 64-oz jar instead of the newer

vitamix professional series 300

Vitamix 300 – Professional Series


The Vitamix 300 Professional Series is part of the G-Series blenders from Vitamix and has a retail price of $559. It uses the newly designed stubby jar which allows the entire machine to fit


Vitamix TurboBlend – Is it too basic?


The Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed is one of the most affordable blenders being offered from the Vitamix company at just $399 MSRP. It sits at the low-end in terms of price but also in

vitamix s30

Vitamix S30 Review – Personal Size Blender


The Vitamix S30 is a unique type of blender compared to the rest of the company’s product line. I suspect the company wants to offer every type of product for every type of consumer.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 – Is This The Top Model?


This Vitamix 750 review will talk about the impressive performance and convenient features that set it apart from other blenders. It has a retail price of $639 and is similar in many ways to