Is the Vitamix Explorian Blender the Ultimate First Choice?

In 2023, Vitamix incorporated a new model into its existing Explorian blender line, augmenting the standard manual controls with three automated preset programs. This fresh addition joins the previously available E310 and E320 models. With retail prices starting at $350 for the E310 and $450 for the E320, these blenders stand as some of the more affordable options within the Vitamix range. All of these models come with an extensive warranty, attesting to their enduring performance and reliability.

Vitamix Explorian E310 blenderYou may then be wondering what the catch is, or how these models compare to every other blender from Vitamix. I’ll point out the different aspects and any benefits below to help you make a smart blender purchase. Is the E310 worth the lower retail price or is something important missing? Let’s begin with the power and performance.

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  • Performance

    One of the most popular reasons for buying a Vitamix, or any high-end blender, is likely the extreme performance provided. These machines can crush whole vegetables and fruits to turn them into a buttery smooth mixture, into even smaller particles than a conventional blender. This means you’ll get smoothies that don’t contain clumps of the ingredients or large chunks of ice. You can even grind nuts into fresh peanut butter if you wanted.

    Inside the Vitamix E310 is a 2.0-HP motor, which is similar to the classic Vitamix 5200 blender. Many of the newer machines in comparison, such as the Ascent Series, contain a slightly more powerful 2.2-HP motor, which is actually what powers both the Vitamix E320 and the newer Explorian model with programs. In my opinion, I don’t think you’re missing out on that much with the 2.0-HP. Just be aware that you may want to consider the other models if you want a more powerful blender from Vitamix.

    Vitamix Explorian Blender PanelThere is also a thermal protection system which helps prevent the machines from experiencing any thermal damage. There’s a lot of heat generated during extended blends and if the vents were to get clogged by a towel or similar object, the air wouldn’t be able to circulate and cool the motor efficiently. The thermal protection system will shut down the entire machine if the temperature becomes too high. It’s a nice little safety feature if the vents were to ever accidentally get blocked by something by mistake.


    Another important aspect to consider when buying a blender is the overall functionality and features of the machine. The E310 and E320 models are a bit basic on that front, unfortunately, at least compared to some higher-end Vitamix blenders. There’s a variable speed dial which will let you have complete control over your blends. You can use this dial to get the exact amount of speed and power needed for any given recipe.

    It’s nice to see a manual control option here at least, considering the affordable Vitamix TurboBlend lacks this for some reason. The newer Explorian blender, from 2023, thankfully has now included 3 automated preset programs: Smoothies, Hot Soups and Frozen Desserts. This will allow you more convenience to set the blender and walk away while it runs a preprogrammed cycle, giving you consistent results every single time.

    Some people don’t know that you can actually make ice cream and hot soup with a Vitamix. Try blending some frozen fruit for a delicious sorbet. There are a ton of recipes available online tailored specifically for blenders. I mentioned that running the Vitamix Explorian machine for an extended amount of time will heat the motor up. This heat is actually transferred directly into your mixture. It’s how you’re able to make soups that become steaming hot. This is simply not something you’re able to do with a Ninja blender or many typical mass-market brands.

    Vitamix Explorian Preset ModesThe Vitamix E310 and E320 do lack automated presets, but I suppose that’s to be expected, when these are considered entry models for Vitamix. You can also use the dedicated pulse switch to chop ingredients. The pulse feature is perfect when making something chunky like a salsa or other dip for instance. If the preset modes are something you’re really interested in, definitely consider the newer Explorian blender from 2023. Here’s an Amazon link to the product page: Vitamix Explorian with Programs.

    Overall Design

    So this Explorian blender line definitely looks like most other Vitamix blenders. There isn’t anything too striking about its appearance, not in a way that the Ascent series switched things up. It has clean design lines and a professional quality to the materials at least. The most notable difference is probably the smaller container that’s included on the E310 model. The majority of Vitamix machines come with a large 64oz jar, which is great for families or bigger batches of food. The container inside the box of the E310, however, is only 48oz. This can be a benefit for couples or single people depending on the recipe sizes you plan on preparing. The other two Explorian models come equipped with a low-profile 64oz container though if you choose either of those over the E310.

    These low-profile containers give the machine a shorter height, allowing the entire Vitamix Explorian blender to easily fit underneath most kitchen cabinets. The total height is around 18 inches, so go ahead and measure just in case, but it’s pretty short as far as Vitamix blenders go. You’ll also have some freedom moving your blender around since the power cable is 4.5 feet long.


    You get the 48oz container included with the E310, but other sizes can be compatible as well, in the event you ever decide to buy an additional jar in the future for that one. Just make sure it’s for the right blender line, since the “smart detect” ones from the Ascent are a bit different. There’s also a cookbook included so you can start making custom recipes right away which is pretty convenient. Aside from that, in the box is a mini tamper to scrape the sides of the blender jar when making thick recipes.

    I don’t think having different jar sizes is overly important for most people, it’ll depend on how many people are in your household and what you’re actually making. Many recipes online are meant for two people or someone with a big appetite. Having the option to buy various container sizes or new cookbooks is easy enough though. You can always buy more if you want to make multiple recipes without cleaning a single jar each time.

    Model Summary

    E310: 2.0-Horsepower
    E320: 2.2-Horsepower
    Variable manual speeds plus pulse
    E310: 48oz BPA-free jar
    E320: 64oz BPA-free jar
    Recipe book included
    Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 18 inches
    Weight: 10.5 lbs
    Power cord length: 4.5 feet
    E310: 5-year limited warranty
    E320: 7-year limited warranty

    Vitamix E310 vs E320

    When considering between the Vitamix E310 and E320 blenders, there are a few notable distinctions. The E310 incorporates a 2.0-HP motor, delivering commendable performance for regular blending tasks. In contrast, the E320 is equipped with a 2.2-HP motor, providing a slight performance advantage, especially when handling demanding ingredients such as nut butters or other hard ingredients.

    Additionally, the default warranty for a brand new E310 extends for 5 years, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period. In comparison, the E320 comes with an even longer 7-year coverage, giving you even more peace of mind. The container capacities also differ between the models, with the E310 featuring a 48oz container and the E320 offering a larger 64oz capacity, which would allow you to prepare larger batches of recipes. So, between the E310 vs E320, you’ll need to decide if the extra size and

    Final Thoughts

    I think the Vitamix E310 Explorian blender is a great entry point into the Vitamix world. It provides a ton of performance while offering some basic functionality features. You’ll be able to prepare a wide variety of recipes with this model and it very well could replace other kitchen appliances in your home. I’d probably recommend the E310 over most of the older legacy models.

    Vitamix Explorian Blender With ProgramsA big reason many people choose a Vitamix is the outstanding warranty on every machine. The Vitamix company will actually pay the shipping costs both ways for valid warranty claims. The problem obviously can’t be due to human error of course, but this service isn’t something you typically get when you buy a cheaper mass-market blender.

    Overall, the new Vitamix Explorian blender series seems to be off to a nice start. It lowers the entry cost to allow more consumers to enjoy the blending lifestyle. If your heart is set on having a blender with preset modes, they’ve now added a model in 2023 with three programs available. Good luck deciding what features are most important to you and hopefully you can narrow down your decision. Happy blending!

    Which Vitamix Explorian Blender To Buy?

    Now that there are 3 different Explorian models to choose from, your buying decision may be a little challenging. The E310 blender is a classic entry-level model into the Vitamix world and you can’t go wrong with that choice. I personally would recommend you choose the latest Vitamix Explorian blender with programs since the additional preset modes can be a big convenience. Vitamix has a bunch of recipes tailored to these modes on their website and you can find more elsewhere online. One thing to note, be sure to register your Vitamix model right away once you receive it, as this is what activates your long warranty.

    Often times there are officially renewed Explorian blenders being offered on Amazon, which would allow you to possibly save off the retail price. These products must pass a 17-point inspection before leaving the warehouse. This ensures that every blender sold is as reliable and performs just as effectively as a brand new model. Be sure to click the buttons below to read more information on the Amazon product pages as prices and offers can change rapidly. You should also add the Vitamix blender you’re interested in directly into your shopping cart in order to see a full total price. At the time of this writing, Amazon has a fantastic deal on the Explorian blender with Programs model! Just be aware that these do have only a 3-year warranty by default.

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