Vitamix Dry Container – Just Another Gimmick?

The Vitamix Dry Container is an additional accessory you can purchase for your Vitamix blender to improve its handling of whole grains, mixing batters, and more. It’s half the size of the regular container, coming in at only 32 ounces.

Vitamix Dry Grains ContainerThe main question you may have is probably whether you need to buy this additional jar or not. There are a few factors to consider which I’ll try to cover in this article. Hopefully presenting this information will help you decide if you should invest in buying one. I’ll start by going over the uses to review the functionality of the jar.


The dry grain jar excels at turning whole grains into flour and mixing various thick batters. You can also grind fresh spices, coffee beans, or make nut butters more easily. Measuring is easy and convenient as well thanks to the cup and ounce measurements etched into the front of the jar. Even the cap of the lid has a 2-ounce measuring line.

The Vitamix company states you can occasionally do these blending tasks in the standard container but this container is much better at them. They recommend you get the dry grain jar if you plan on doing these things frequently and I concur wholeheartedly.
Dry Grain Blades


I already mentioned the size of the jar is 32 ounces, but what really makes this Vitamix dry container special? It’s actually the unique blade design, which not only slices through ingredients but also utilizes blunt blades to crush them as well.

As they spin around, it causes the ingredients to fly upward to the top of the container. This action pushes the mixture outward to prevent everything compacting down below. This is a big difference over the standard container and not something you’d notice just by looking at it.

Those standard blades create a vortex to suck ingredients inward to blend everything together. They’re a bit opposite in that regard. Having a jar toss the ingredients into the top of the jar ensures that everything is mixed more thoroughly when blending dry ingredients. Having everything sucked down won’t allow everything to be blended as well because it’ll tend to just sit on the bottom.


Excels at whole grains, batters, and nut butters
Works with all full size Vitamix blenders
32-ounce capacity
Includes: Spatula, Tamper, Cookbook
Height: 9.8 inch
Weight: Almost 2 lbs
Warranty: 3-years


Deciding whether you need to order this jar will depend on the frequency you plan on blending whole grains, coffee beans, spices, and making nut butters. If that’s something you wanna do a lot, buying this container will improve the quality of your mixture and do a better job. It removes some hassle and time not having to over-blend your recipes to get a similar result. Overall it’s another quality product from Vitamix and would be a great addition to your kitchen collection.

Current Vitamix Dry Container Offers

I’d recommend clicking the buttons below to visit Amazon and see the latest prices and offers. They can change pretty frequently and sometimes drop. At least add one to your cart to see a total price with any adjustments applied.

If you have a newer Vitamix model, such as the Ascent Series with “self-detect” technology, you’ll need to get this specific Dry Container. On the product page you’ll see the description says “Vitamix Ascent series blenders only”.

Buy Vitamix Dry Container (Ascent Series)

Everyone else with a legacy Vitamix model will need to get this Dry Container from the link below. It’s specifically for 5200, 5300, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780, and similarly older models, basically anything that doesn’t utilize “self-detect”.

Buy Vitamix Dry Container (Legacy Series)

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