Vitamix Coupon – $50 Off All Vitamix Containers Discounted

I just got a Vitamix coupon in my email that is offering a discount on all of their blender containers. I thought it would be great to share this information with the Blender Insider readers to pass on the savings. These Vitamix containers don’t go on sale too frequently. If you’ve been considering picking up a different size jar or style, now is definitely the time to do it. I guess we can thank the fact that Black Friday is merely days away for this deal.

Update: Unfortunately, the original coupon code posted has expired and is no longer valid, sorry! I’ve added some new offer links below to current deals and prices as a possible alternative for you.

Which Vitamix Replacement Container?

vitamix replacement pitcherIf you’re having trouble deciding on what container to get and you only have the standard 64-ounce jar, I’d recommend picking up the 32-ounce Vitamix dry container. It’s great to use with nuts and grains, my favorite choice when making almond butter actually. The difference between the two jar styles is that the dry container throws ingredients into the air while the standard Vitamix container sucks everything down towards it. If you’d like to read more about the dry container in detail, check out this article: Vitamix Dry Container Review

Smart Container

There’s also now a brand new “smart container” included with the Ascent Series blender line. This Vitamix container allows the newer blender lines to automatically detect which jar is currently connected. They’re backwards compatible so they will work with older models but you won’t get any of the new smart functionality. They might be a better choice if you’re eventually going to upgrade your Vitamix blender to a newer model down the line.

I should also mention Vitamix currently has their renewed blenders on discounted prices at Amazon at the other links below. In the event you’re on the hunt for your own blender at a more affordable cost compared to retail. There are several models to choose from and many different colors available. Give them a visit to see what the current deals and prices are, they’re always changing.

Click to view renewed Vitamix blender offers

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Vitamix Container Offers

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