Vitamix Blending Station Advance – Is It Commercial Performance?

The Vitamix Blending Station Advance offers a ton of performance while also reducing its noise with an outer enclosure. Pulling this cover down allows the machine to be less of a bother to customers or anyone operating the blender. No one likes having their conversation interrupted. Being able to continue talking when a high-performance blender is in use can be a major benefit over alternative options.

Vitamix Blending Station AdvanceSo, there’s commercial quality power inside and plenty of features on-board at your disposal. The question is then whether this specific model is the correct choice for your needs. A blender can be used many different ways. If there’s an important mode or aspect that you require; it’s best to be well-informed and purchase the right one. Hopefully I can review all of the big topics and points to help you make the best choice possible. I think I’ll start with the functionality and then onto the rest of the characteristics.

Control Panel

The front of the control panel contains all of the buttons you’ll be using. There is an on/off button, as you’d expect. Two different pulse buttons, depending on whether you need a lot of power or only a little. It even has an LCD screen to display important information and select from optimized programs. You’ll use the up and down arrows to control the 93 manual speeds and the menu options. You’ll access the main menu by pressing the Vitamix logo directly underneath the LCD screen.

Unlike some other Vitamix models, the Vitamix Blending Station Advance has preset buttons that are only numbered. This can make it tough to figure out what they do exactly. Upon looking at the manual, you’ll discover all of the answers to this mystery. Be aware, there are 34 optimized programs that you can set. This will help you customize how you’ll use the blender and makes everything more efficient.

Blending Station Advance Control Panel

The default modes can vary, but the manual states the following. Button 1 is for blending thin drinks with just juice and ice for 13 seconds. Next, button 2 is for light coffee drinks for 18 seconds. The third button makes a thick specialty drink for 20 seconds. Button 4 is for ice cream and regular coffee drinks for a total of 15 seconds. Button 5 makes smoothies for 20 seconds. Finally, button 6 will blend thick smoothies with frozen fruits and tough ingredients.


Having a blender with a bunch of versatility is nice, but what about having enough power to handle any task you throw at it? This blender contains a massive three-horsepower motor running on 15 amps, capable of crushing tough ingredients. This ensures your recipes are completely mixed and combined smoothly. No one wants to bite into a big chunk of ice while enjoying a smoothie or something. It’s really an important aspect when buying a high-end blender. Watch the video below to see the Vitamix Blending Station Advance in action!

The blender is able to intelligently tell you the temperature of the motor, either: normal, warm, or hot. This is great to know when you’re using the blender under stressful situations. You may have to be a bit more careful preparing an ice cream or frozen coffee when the machine is hot. In a restaurant or coffee shop setting, you could have two machines to handle different tasks. That way the temperatures don’t have a chance to rise up as much, compared to only using one continuously.

Sound Reduction

Quite possibly the biggest draw for choosing this model is the plastic enclosure. This casing lowers the noise when the blender is in use and really helps reduce annoyances people around may experience. It’s held down firmly via magnets and there’s a convenient handle you can use to easily lower and raise the enclosure when needed. The plastic case is also removable so you can keep it clean very easily.

Vitamix Advance Container 48ozThe blender container that’s included is a 48-oz 1.4 liter 3-sided jar. I think it’s unique to the silent models and has the official name of “Advance Container” from Vitamix. It’s BPA-free and has the dimensions of 8.6″ x 7.1″ x 8.1″. A regular Vitamix container such as the standard 64oz ones will not fit in this.


34 specialized programs – 6 preset buttons
High/low pulse
93 variable manual speeds
48-oz blender jar
Meant for commercial-use only
Weight: 19.5 lbs
Dimensions: 19.4″ x 9.3″ x 10.5″
3-year warranty for motor base parts
One-year warranty for labor
Made in the USA with a minimum of 70% USA content
Blending Station Displayed


The Vitamix Blending Station Advance contains a massive motor to provide a ton of power and performance. It’ll crush tough ingredients for smoothies and pulverize ice for blended coffee drinks. Having the included advanced features, such as the many specialized programs, make the blender an incredibly versatile machine. The preset modes are extremely convenient, and allow the blender to take over and handle tasks, while the user has time to take care of other things. All you have to do is load up the blender jar, place it on the base, select which preset mode, and the blender runs its selected preprogrammed cycle.

I know it can be difficult choosing the right model and that some may even seem similar. Hopefully you’re now more informed and have a better understanding about the Blending Station Advance. It’s a nice choice if you’re looking around for a high-end blender but need a sound reducing enclosure. Some other possible options would be the Vitamix Quiet One Blender and the Blendtec Stealth 795. Consider what you’ll be using your blender for and what functionality you need the most. I hope you can narrow everything down into an obvious decision. Happy blending!

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