​Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series – Any Improvements? 🤔

The Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series blender is in the new Vitamix product line called the Ascent Series. It sits in the middle of the models with a retail price of $520. The biggest difference is the addition of three automated preset modes over the previous A2300 model. These seem to be popular features for some people.

Vitamix A2500 Ascent SeriesIt has the same 2.2 horsepower motor, which is capable of pulverizing all ingredients into a smooth consistency. There’s also a short blender jar included that gives the machine an overall height of about 17″. The best part is probably the new incredibly long ten-year warranty though. This means you should have this blender working for an entire decade, even if any repair issues arise. Let’s review the features first since they’re the largest difference.


The first thing to mention is just how high-tech and fancy the control panel appears. It definitely gives a sense of a quality product right away. There’s a digital timer, variable speed dial, pulse button, and 3 automated presets. If you want to know how it compares to previous models I’d say it’s a successor to the Vitamix 6300 or 500 Pro.

You have a standard 10-speed variable dial that you can use to completely control the power for your blend. This lets you customize the speed specifically for whatever you’re preparing. There’s a pulse button as well for more delicate recipes. Something like salsa would be perfect for this.

One of the most defining features of this model are the automated presets which are: Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts. These modes allow you to add your ingredients at once and let the blender take over the entire blending. It automatically adjusts the speed and time required for the selected preset. For example, if you want to make a hot soup. You’ll find a recipe, add the ingredients, select the hot soup preset, and the blender will run a special cycle while you do something else.

The front of the machine has a digital timer which will let you keep track of various things like the remaining time for the preset modes. This can be pretty helpful if you’re running around the kitchen trying to multitask. None of the previous Vitamix models have had a timer, so it’s a nice addition to find.


Like all models in the Ascent Series, there’s a giant 2.2-peak horsepower motor running on 12 amps. Many other popular models such as the 5200 or 6300 were rated at 2.0 horsepower and 11.5amps. The A2500 provides more power to handle tough blending tasks. It’s a solid improvement and should allow the blender to blend things even more easily.

Vitamix Ascent Series BladesThe motor heats up a lot when you run the blender for awhile. Since the blades are directly connected, the heat moves right into your recipes. This is how you can make steaming hot soups right in the blender jar. It only happens after a few minutes of use so you don’t have to worry about hot smoothies or anything.

It seems the blades in the new low-profile jars retain the same blade design as previous generations. There are 4 different points on them, which are meant to pulverize and shred ingredients as they’re pulled downward. They help provide a smooth blend.


The overall design of the Vitamix A2500 is outstanding and a nice improvement over older models. It looks higher quality and more expensive in my opinion. All of the switches and dials give physical feedback which some people really prefer over an all-digital control scheme. It’s important to point out that the retail prices are comparable to the previous models.

A2500 Control Panel

Having a blender jar that’s shorter is another nice update. This lowers the maximum height of the machine, allowing it to slide under cabinets more easily. The Vitamix company says it’s 17″ tall, so you might as well grab a measuring tape and confirm it’ll fit on your counter. The legacy jars gave a max height of 20.5″, which made it difficult for some people to leave the jar attached when they wanted to store it.


In the box, you’ll find a low-profile tamper to use when blending dense ingredients. Sometimes pieces of ingredients will fly up the side of the blender jar while you’re preparing a recipe. The tamper is helpful to scrape the sides and incorporate everything all together. There’s a cookbook included as well to get you started making all kinds of new dishes.

Vitamix Ascent Series Blender ContainerThe blender jar is actually pretty unique since it has something called Smart-Detect technology. When you attach the jar to the base of the machine, it automatically knows which size is being used. This lets the blender adjust different blend settings. It’s a pretty neat feature and it’ll be interesting to see how Vitamix expands this. The blender jar included is a short 64-ounce jar. The company will be selling other jar sizes with Smart-Detect technology in the near future.

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2.2 peak horsepower @12 Amps
3 preset modes: Smoothies, Soups, Frozen Desserts
10-speed dial + pulse switch
64oz container – BPA free
Smart-Detect Technology
Includes low-profile tamper
Ascent Series cookbook
Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 17 in
Weight: 11.86 lbs
Model: A2500
10-year warranty


The Vitamix A2500 Ascent blender offers great performance and some really convenient features to help make your life a bit easier in the kitchen. It has a powerful motor allowing the blender to do the job of multiple appliances. You can prepare hot soups, ice cream, dough, and more.

Having the 3 automated preset modes is a nice bonus over the previous model. They can be a convenient time saver. You get consistent results every time since the blender runs a preprogrammed blend cycle. This model does have a retail price that’s $50 more though. You’ll have to be the one to decide whether these presets are worth that amount or not.

Finally, and quite possibly, most importantly. The A2500 blender comes with a 10-year warranty, standard. You won’t have to worry about paying additional fees if something breaks that isn’t your fault. Vitamix even pays the shipping costs when handling valid warranties! Buying a Vitamix gives you a product you’ll be able to own and enjoy using for a very long time.

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