Vitamix Pro 780 Blender – The Latest and Greatest?

The Vitamix Pro 780 blender is the latest model from the Vitamix company with some exciting new features. It sits at the highest-end of their consumer product line and retails for $719. This blender is from the G-Series, which means it comes with their most powerful motor and includes a low-profile container.

Vitamix 780I’ll be going over the various details of this model in this article and review what sets it apart from other available options. I’ll begin with one of the most important aspects of a high-end blender, its performance.


All of the Vitamix blenders from the G-Series product line come equipped with the company’s powerful 2.2-HP motor. That’s even better than the standard 2.0-HP motor typically found in other models. This allows the blender to easily handle a wide range of ingredients and recipes.

You can make your own homemade nut butters from raw nuts without any additional ingredients for example. Likewise, smoothies and shakes turn out with a satin smooth texture. It definitely offers much more performance than the typical mass-market blenders you may be used to. See the following video to see some features in action.

A lot of heat is generated from such a large motor obviously. This heat is directly transferred into whatever you’re making. In fact, this process is exactly how you’re able to make piping hot soups with this blender. It takes awhile for the machine to heat up and most recipes can be made in under 60 seconds so it’s not usually an issue. With smoothies the recipes usually tell you to add ice to counteract any minor heat increase.

Glass Control Panel

The most striking and unique aspect you’ll likely first notice is the glass touch panel interface. It’s the first time Vitamix has offered this type of functionality, all other models have physical switches and buttons. It’ll come down to personal preference whether you find this appealing or not. It works the same way as your smartphone and definitely gives the machine a futuristic feel.

Vitamix blender 780 touch panel

In terms of speed options you have a digital slider that goes from 1 to 10 and a dedicated pulse button. This allows you to precisely control how much power your recipes are getting. The Vitamix Pro 780 blender also comes equipped with four automatic cooking presets and a cleaning mode. The options you can choose from are: smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and puree. If you aren’t familiar with these, they allow you to add ingredients and basically let the machine do all of the work. It runs a customized cycle to handle specific tasks.

stubby 64 jar

Low-Profile Container

One minor complaint some people have with owning a Vitamix is that, with the standard blender jar, the overall height is too tall at 20.5″ and won’t fit underneath their kitchen cabinets. People either leave it pulled out or have to set the jar next to the base. This new model thankfully includes a 64oz low-profile container.

This style is much shorter at only 17.2″ so most people can easily slide it under their cabinets. Another difference is that the low-profile jar uses 4″ blades while the standard container has 3″ blades that spin at a faster RPM. Overall I prefer this container to the older tall jar.


4 Cooking presets + easy cleanup mode
10 Manual speed settings
Glass touch panel interface
64oz Low-profile jar
Low-profile tamper
Dimensions: 17.25 x 8.8 x 9 in
Weight: 12.5 lbs
Motor: 2.2-HP
7-year warranty


The Vitamix 780 blender clearly offers a ton of performance to handle any blender recipe you throw at it. Plus, the included automatic presets make preparing certain things even more convenient and easy. You’re able to add your ingredients and let the machine do all of the work while you do something else. The glass touch panel is also a nice tech addition that’s sure to impress people.

This blender comes with an extremely long 7-year warranty from Vitamix. If you have any problems that aren’t due to human error, you’ll be able to get them resolved within that time frame. That definitely gives people some peace of mind knowing their purchase is going to last well into the future. The company even pays shipping both ways when dealing with warranty claims.

All of this sounds great, but the question is whether this model is right for you. The most comparable machine would be the Vitamix 750. It includes the exact same presets, same low-profile jar, and same motor but only costs $629. That’s a savings of $90 over this new model. The main difference is the digital touch panel. You’ll have to be the one to decide whether that feature is worth the extra money or not. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed regardless of which one you choose.

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