Blendtec Refurbished – Newest Sales & Offers

I thought I’d put together some information about factory refurbished Blendtec blenders today. I recently did that for another brand and it seemed to be quite helpful for people. Buying a reconditioned machine is a really great way to save some extra money on these high-end blenders while still enjoying the great features they offer.

Blendtec refers to the models as “certified” refurbished and some customers are confused as to what that means exactly. I’ll try to cover as much as I can in this article to help clear the information up.

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At the moment there are five Blendtec refurbished models to choose from, you’ll receive the lowest official prices when clicking the buttons above. The most popular option is the Blendtec Total Blender TB-621-20 Classic, which normally costs $400 but can be purchased for only $280 right now, that’s a savings of $120. When customer support was asked about where the factory Blendtec refurbished blenders come from they replied with the following:

“There could be a variety of reasons, some are just returns, others are warranty machines.”

Every machine comes with a 3-year warranty, with an extended warranty being offered as well. This means if anything goes wrong within 3 years, that isn’t due to human error, will be covered under the warranty. Blendtec even pays shipping both ways when dealing with repairs, which is really great to know.

refurbished blendtec sale

Usually I prefer to buy products that are brand new, but Blendtec seems to take a lot of care to ensure that each reconditioned Blendtec machine runs exactly like a brand new model. According to them, they undergo a complete quality check before leaving the warehouse. Only the electronics are refurbished or repaired. The blender jars that come included are brand new. That would be a little weird using a pre-owned jar, but it’s a question a few people have asked me before.

Model Comparison

Update: Blendtec has discontinued the original Designer Series and is now offering new refurbished models. I already have full reviews for all of these blender models on the site, but I can write a quick comparison to detail any differences or similarities for you. The blenders do actually have quite a bit in common in terms of performance, since they’re both equipped with the same motor. This provides 3-peak horsepower on your kitchen counter regardless of which one you choose. They both offer the same 6 presets as well: ice cream, ice crush, soups, batters, whole juice, and smoothie. The blenders both include a cookbook filled with delicious recipes.

The main differences are with the controls and interface. The Total Blender Classic has standard physical buttons you use to operate the machine. While the Designer Series comes equipped with a capacitive touch panel that lights up, much like a smartphone screen. Click the model names in this paragraph to read more information about each one.


  • Automatically receive the lowest prices found on other websites!
  • Blendtec offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty – Extended warranty available
  • All refurbished models include a brand new jar, never used.
  • Some models offer automatic presets for consistent blending results.
  • Each one undergoes a complete quality check before leaving the Blendtec warehouse.
  • Blendtec pays shipping both ways when dealing with repairs.

Refurbished Blendtec Thoughts

It can be difficult deciding which Blendtec model to get. The decision usually comes down to which blender has the features you personally want or need. Ask yourself whether the additional money is worth the extra functionality you get with the higher models. If you’re still having a difficult time deciding, I’d recommend viewing the following Blendtec articles to read more information: Blendtec 575, Blendtec 625, Blendtec 725, or Blendtec Professional 800.  All of them offer a ton of performance compared to the typical mass-market brands you’d find at a local store. It’s somewhat similar to upgrading from a compact car to a supercar, it’s that big of a difference in my eyes.

If you’ve already decided you can click the Blendtec coupon buttons above to view the current Blendtec sale. I’d definitely recommend getting one that has automatic presets. I never cared about them before until I used them, but now I’d try to avoid getting one that lacked that feature. It’s just so convenient being able to add your ingredients, select a preset, and let the machine handle the entire blending process. It gives you consistent results and removes the guesswork when making recipes. I hope I was able to cover most of the things you may want to know. Thanks for stopping by and reading!