Nutri Ninja Pro BL455 – Does It Simplify Blending?

The Nutri Ninja Pro (BL455) offers a simple blending solution for anyone that demands convenience. It’s similar in many ways to the popular MagicBullet and NutriBullet, both of which compete directly with this blender. There are currently 3 different model variations to choose from, but they’re usually all around the same price point. I’ll be sure to point out their differences so you can buy the one that’s right for you.

nutri ninja pro BL456Its small size allows you to proudly display it on your counter without it taking up much space. This should be great news for anyone that has a lower cabinet full of bulky appliances. You’ll want to use the machine more frequently when it’s available at a moment’s notice. Let’s continue and take a look at the inner workings of the machine.


Located inside the base is a hefty 900-watt motor capable of breaking down all sorts of vegetables, fruits, and seeds. I should mention that every model variation includes the exact same motor rated at the same wattage. The power is a bit more concentrated than a full-size blender due to its smaller container size. This allows the machine to easily crush hard ingredients such as ice for frozen smoothies or desserts. You can even leave the skin and stems on when you blend according to the people at Ninja.

The company refers to the blades as Pro Extractor Blades. They say they’re designed in such a way that the blender can extract the maximum nutrients and vitamins. That’s marketing talk, but the blades do have a unique design and spin at up to 21,000 RPM so it is quite a powerful machine either way. You also get the added benefit of fiber in your drink when you blend whole ingredients. Check out this recipe video to see the blender in action!


The process of preparing a recipe is pretty straightforward. You add your ingredients, twist the lid/blade combo on, and firmly press down on the jar to start blending. The longer you keep the jar held down the more well-blended everything will be. There are pros and cons to this but it’s easy to pulse ingredients to make salsas or other delicate recipes. You’ll notice that there aren’t any manual buttons to control the speed.

Thanks to the twist on lids, you can blend and drink from the same container. This reduces cleanup in the kitchen and makes everything a bit more convenient for yourself. The machine can actually handle a pretty wide range of recipes so I’d say overall it’s a versatile blender. Though it would be nice if there were some automatic presets built in, but I guess that’s what the Ninja Auto iQ line is for.

nutri pro cupAccessories

There are multiple jars included when you buy this product and all of them are BPA free. This is where the model variations come into play though. With the BL450 you’ll receive an 18oz and 24oz jar combo. The next step up, BL451, adds an additional 12oz jar. The BL456 comes with 18oz and 24oz containers plus adds a 70 recipe book. Both lower models only have a 30 recipe booklet.

Honestly, though you can find plenty of recipes online on a million different websites so I’d recommend going for the BL456. The larger recipe book would be helpful right away once receiving your new blender. You’ll be able to begin preparing a variety of things that you know are tailored to your machine.


900 Watt motor
No speed control
Up to 12oz, 18oz, 24oz jar set
All jars are BPA free
Dimensions: 12.9 x 7.9 x 14.8 inches
Weight: 7 1/2 lbs
1-Year warranty


The Nutri Ninja Pro provides simplified blending at a reasonable price. It can handle a good range of different recipes due to its powerful motor. Being able to add whole fruits and vegetables definitely lets you get more nutrition out of them. If you want more control over the speed or automatic modes though I’d suggest checking out the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ which is priced a little higher but adds that functionality.

You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons to decide if this model is the right one for you. There are multiple competing models you could consider like the MagicBullet and NutriBullet. If you just want a solid smoothie machine I don’t think you could go wrong with it though. Good luck making the final decision and owning whichever machine you’re happy with!

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