Nutri Ninja Auto iQ – Is It A Single-Serve Wonder?

The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ blender is a compact model that has some interesting features. There are currently three different models available: BL480, BL481, and BL482. Each of these models includes slightly different accessories which I’ll point out later in this article. The machine seems to be made for people that need a single serve blender or only want to prepare smaller batches of recipes. The largest container is 32oz, this is in contrast to other Ninja blenders which come with a giant 72oz jar.

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ
The small overall size allows you to keep it on your kitchen counter for daily use without it taking up too much space. I know often times people store larger appliances down in their cabinets, full of misfit toys or something. The Auto iQ has definitely been gaining in popularity over the past few months so let’s take a look at some of the features.


The motor inside of this blender is rated at 1,000 watts for all three models. This is the same offered in a Ninja Professional blender, which also happens to be in the same price range. Thanks to the power of the motor the machine can crush ice in seconds or devour fruits and vegetables. The company claims it breaks ingredients down in such a way that it extracts the maximum vitamins and nutrients.

It can prepare smoothies quickly due to the powerful motor and can handle many different types of recipes. The blades rotate at a very high speed to liquefy ingredients into a smooth consistency. This is great for anyone that hates having chunks of ice or large bits in their smoothies. Because of the smaller jars, the power also seems to be more targeted allowing the machine to make quick work of difficult ingredients.


The control panel has your standard power and pulse buttons, but only comes with one manual speed setting. You’ll mainly be using two buttons vaguely labeled ‘Blend’ and ‘Ultra Blend’. These intelligently handle the blending process by running an automatic cycle. The first setting is made for things such as fresh fruit, yogurt, or greens. The second setting is more intense and is made to handle tougher ingredients like frozen fruit, nuts, and ice.

Auto iQ Control Panel

When you press these automatic buttons the machine does all of the work. It blends, pauses, and runs a unique speed cycle. You could walk away from the blender to do something else until the blender is done if you wanted to. Some other brands require you to use a tamper or need your attention in case something isn’t mixing correctly. It’s definitely a convenient feature to have and gives you consistent blending results every time.


You get a nice variety of containers included, but the accessories vary depending on the model you choose. At the highest end, the BL482 includes a large 32oz jar, a 24oz jar, and an 18oz container. The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL481 offers the same but instead of the 18oz size, you get a 12oz jar. At the lowest end, the BL480 only includes the 24oz and 18oz jars. These can vary so be sure to read their respective product descriptions to double-check. They’re all priced very similarly though so I’d recommend getting one of the top two models.

Aside from the jars you also get a cookbook from Rachel Beller, yeah, whoever that is. It’s the Ninja version of her best-selling book called ‘Eat to Lose, Eat to Win’. There are over 200 pages of mainly tips and tricks, with some recipes thrown in for good measure.


1,000 Watt motor
1 Manual speed + Pulse
2 Automatic modes
Up to a 32oz, 24oz, 18oz jar set
All jars are BPA free
Dimensions: About 15.5 x 12.5 x 8 inches
Weight: 10lbs
1-Year warranty


Overall the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ performs really well. It has a powerful motor to handle tougher ingredients, while also having some convenient features. The automatic modes take the guesswork out of the blending process and you get the same results every time you use them.

One of the negatives you should be aware of is that it does produce quite a bit of noise. Most recipes can be finished in under 60 seconds but it isn’t a machine you can run at night unless you want to wake everyone up. There’s no real way around this unless you built some sort of enclosure to set over top of it.

There are many different pros and cons to consider when choosing which blender is right for you. The Auto iQ is a step above something like the NutriBullet, but you’ll need to decide whether the added cost is worth it or not. I’d say it’s great for anyone that doesn’t need to make large batches of recipes. If you want a nice smoothie machine or plan on making 1 to 2 serving recipes, go for it. Click the buttons below to visit Amazon and view the current deals and prices.

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