MagicBullet NutriBullet – Is Quality Just An Illusion?

The MagicBullet NutriBullet seems to be a very popular blender for many people. The question is how well it performs compared to other alternatives in this price range. It has a unique design and a couple cool features thanks in part to its included 12-piece accessory set. You also have the option of choosing from 4 different colors: blue, red, orange, and grey. This adds a bit more personalization to the blender.

magic bullet nutribulletThe blender itself is very slim and won’t take up much space on your kitchen counters. The base has a diameter of about 5.4″ x 5.4″ and a height of 8″ without a jar attached. This small size may make you want to leave it out all the time for easy blending access. The question is whether this blender has enough performance and features for the price. Can it handle the recipes you want to make?


The NutriBullet is rated at 600 watts of high-torque power. This is lower than you’d get from a higher-end brand such as a Vitamix. Yet it still provides plenty of energy to handle tough ingredients or blending chunks of ice.

nutribullet functionalityThe containers included with this blender are a much lower capacity which helps target the power into a smaller area. This is an important difference over a typical blender with a large 64oz jar. It’s also why Blendtec makes a low-capacity “Twister” jar accessory.

Companies love to come up with catchy names for parts or modes. This blender has “extractor blades”, sounds exciting right? They’re patented so at least there’s that. They say this design helps the machine pulverize seeds, stems, and ingredients that are typically difficult to blend completely.


Like most of these smaller/cheaper blenders, you’re very limited with the amount of control over speed and power. It basically has two modes: one and off. You’ll start the blending process by pressing down on the entire container which works really well. I kinda prefer this action over having a single button to use. It feels more natural to pulse ingredients too.

It has the power to bust open seeds and shred through tough vegetable or fruit skins. This performance allows you to handle a pretty wide variety of recipes. You can pulse the mixture to create homemade salsa or hold it down to grind through raw nuts. The included milling blade excels at handling things like flax seeds and nuts. Having multiple blades gives you more flexibility with what you can do, and you’ll be able to do it more efficiently.

One of the best features is being able to blend and drink right from the same cup. It’s great if you’re hanging out with friends and family and want to blend frozen cocktails. It’s easy to do a refill without having to transfer the mixture from a blending jar to a drinking glass.


I mentioned you get a 12-piece set included with this blender system. Let’s see what they count as a piece! To start off, you’ll receive two small jars that have a capacity of around 18oz and a fill line of 14oz. There’s also one large jar with a capacity of about 32oz and a fill line 26oz. I like to think of these as a single serving and a double serving. They give you some flexibility depending on whether or not you have friends or family over for drinks.

magic bullet containerAside from the three jars you’ll also receive two different blades to use. One excels with typical juicing and blending tasks while the other specializes in handling grains and seeds. This allows the machine to be a bit more versatile in what it can blend efficiently.

Finally, the company counts the base, two jar lip rings, two lids, user manual + cookbook, and pocket nutrition as the final pieces of the “12-piece set”. Overall it provides some pretty good value and the accessories let you enjoy using the blender immediately out of the box.


12-piece set
600 Watts
Only one speed
Two blender jar sizes
Jars are BPA free
Dimensions: About 5.4″ diameter x 8″ tall
Weight: 3.6lbs
1-Year limited warranty


The Magic Bullet NutriBullet comes with a nice amount of jars and blades while also providing a good amount of power to handle a variety of blending tasks. It’s a good choice if you want something affordable while still offering flexible functionality. The dual blades will let you blend several different ingredients depending on the recipe you’re making. Be aware that you only get a one year warranty with this blender, but that is kinda expected at this price point. Your alternatives might be one of the small Ninja blenders.

There are many different blender models and brands to choose from, especially in this price range, so this purchase sorta comes down to whether this machine is the best at handling the recipes you want to make. Ask yourself whether it includes the right accessories for your needs and will fit your lifestyle. Hopefully, you can narrow down your decision and end up with the perfect blender for yourself. Good luck!

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