Blendtec Professional 750 – The Only Option For A Built-in?

The Blendtec Professional 750 blender is the successor to the company’s discontinued “Professional Series” model. This new blender has a retail price of $599 with a WildSide+ jar. One of its most unique features is that it can be installed directly into your kitchen countertop.

blendtec professional 750 frontThis model is perfect for anyone that plans on using their blender every day and wants an elegant solution to display it proudly in their kitchen. We can start by doing a review of the overall power and performance and then cover each other aspect of the machine.


This blender includes the always impressive 3.0-horsepower motor found on the majority of Blendtec models. It’s capable of handling almost anything you throw into it. The blades themselves are unique compared to other brands. They’re actually blunt by design to crush the ingredients instead of typical sharp blades which cut through everything.

I read that when the founder of Blendtec was first designing his blenders he would do a “2×4” test. Which involved him grinding wood 2×4 beams directly in the blender. That’s pretty hardcore but you need a machine that’s powerful enough to turn hard ingredients into a silky smooth mixture. The company started a popular web series to showcase the power of their blenders. Take a look at the video below to see for yourself.

I’m pretty sure you aren’t planning on using your blender this way. Unless you have a pet robot of course. That’s what they eat right, or is it human tears? It’s at least nice to know just how powerful the machine actually is. Seeing the machine in the most extreme way gives a positive reaction to most people. If it can handle grinding that stuff, it’ll handle the toughest ingredients.


The biggest difference between this model and others is the ability to mount it into your kitchen countertop. Doing that allows the base of the machine to sit flush with your counter. I’ll embed a picture so you can see exactly what I’m talking about. Obviously, this is something you’ll have to plan ahead of time or be willing to have installed but it’s a great way to customize your kitchen. I should note that you don’t have to mount it at all, you can use it as a regular blender just like you would any other model.

You have 10 manual speed settings to choose from along with a dedicated pulse button. On top of that, you also have 6 different preprogrammed controls available. The choices are the following: Batters, Mixed Drinks, Smoothie, Frozen Treats, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup. You can use these to allow the blender to handle the entire blending process automatically. I’m a big fan of these preset modes. They’re convenient and provide consistent results for recipes.

blendtec 750 panel

All of the controls are handled on an illuminated push-button panel. There’s also an illuminated timer that will show you how much time is remaining when running each preset cycle. The pulse button functions exactly how you’d expect it to. Pressing it will give a short jolt of blending to your mixture.


The Blendtec 750 comes with a very lengthy 8-year warranty. If you have any problems that aren’t due to clumsy human error, you can get it repaired within those 8 years. The company will even pay shipping both ways when handling the repairs. That isn’t the type of coverage and service you’ll get when you buy a common cheap brand. It’s part of the reason why people are willing to pay more for these high-end blenders. It really gives you some peace of mind knowing your machine will be covered for many years to come.


3.0-HP motor
30-day money back guarantee
Can be built into your countertop
10 manual speeds
6 preset modes
Dedicated pulse button
Push button control panel
Full 8-year warranty
Dimensions: 6.4″ x 16.2″ x 8.3″
Colors: Black


I think the Blendtec Professional 750 blender does a great job at offering high-performance with convenient preset modes that’ll make you want to use the machine every day. It also adds a really unique feature over other blenders with it being able to be mounted into your kitchen counter. I can’t think of any other model or brand that’s designed specifically for that.

Don’t think of it as just buying a blender though. This machine can do the job of several other appliances as well. You can grind coffee beans, make bread dough, prepare fresh juice, grind meat, make ice cream, and more. Add on that it includes a crazy 8-year warranty and you can clearly see the value of this blender.

You do have many different models to choose from though. The decision to buy the Blendtec 750 ultimately comes down to whether you plan on having it installed into your kitchen countertop. If you aren’t, I’d probably recommend the Blendtec 675 which is priced at $549.

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