Blendtec Classic 560 Review: How Does it Compare to Higher-End Models?

The Blendtec Classic 560 blender is currently the most affordable Blendtec model available. In fact, the official tagline is “commercial quality on a budget”. It has a retail price of just $320 with a Wildside+ jar or $300 with a FourSide jar on the official website. This low price is due to its lack of automatic presets and limited speed options. The main question then is whether you’re missing out on truly important functionality compared to the more expensive models.

blendtec 560In this article, I’ll try to cover all of the features and make some comparisons on what specific functionality is missing. It’s important to choose a blender that fits your own needs. If you’re merely looking for the current deals be sure to scroll down to the deal section below.


Even with the lower price, the Blendtec 560 offers the same 3.0 horsepower motor found in other models. This means you’ll be getting the same performance at a more affordable price point. The blender can handle all sorts of tough ingredients and has the capability to turn practically anything into a perfectly smooth mixture.

Now it’s important to mention that a motor this size obviously produces a lot of heat when it’s in use. This is what causes your liquids to heat up over time. Many recipes in the included cookbook can be made in under 60 seconds so it’s never been an issue. Some recipes will tell you to add ice cubes though and this heat transfer is the reason.

If you’ve only ever used a mass-market blender before, you’ll notice an immediate difference in power. The Blendtec company has actually created a popular web series of videos that showcase their blenders in rather extreme ways. I’ll include a video that does a pretty good job at showing you what I mean.

So the blenders can grind metal and electronics into a fine powder, aka robot cornmeal. I’m pretty sure they can handle blending some thick recipes you’re hoping to make. This performance is really what sets Blendtec blenders apart from some cheaper brands.


This section is where you’ll find out about the few sacrifices you’ll have to make with this model. For starters, there aren’t any automatic presets included. I’m a big fan of these and use them all the time. If you aren’t familiar with them, they basically automate the blending process so you can let the machine do all of the work. It gives your recipes consistent results, though I will say it’s mainly just a convenience factor.

I did find a link on the official Blendtec website that has a conversion for how long you’ll have to run each speed to simulate each preset mode. You can view that information here: Blendtec Preset Conversion. I’ll also point out that there’s a small illuminated display that shows the blend time when in use. That’s really handy when trying to keep track of how long the machine has been running.

Your main controls are four-speed settings and a dedicated pulse button. It’s a bit more limited compared to the more expensive models. Each speed does offer a clear difference in speed though. In contrast, the Designer 725 has 100-speed settings to choose from. You aren’t able to tell the difference between speeds 72 and 73 for example. I think four settings is probably enough for most people.

The pulse button functions as you’d normally expect it too, but it does have a nifty use as well. If you’re in the process of blending a delicious recipe, you can press the pulse button for an extra jolt of speed. You’ll hear the blender rev up even more and unleash a vortex of power.


As with most Blendtec models, you get an extremely long 8-year warranty when you buy this machine. This means anything that has issues during that timeframe will be covered. As long as it isn’t due to human error of course. You can’t expect coverage if you threw it off a building, mixed cement in it, or tried using it underwater. Don’t be silly.

The best thing about the warranty though is that Blendtec pays shipping both ways when dealing with repairs. This definitely isn’t something you’ll get when buying a cheap brand. Those other companies always expect you to pay! So, you can have some peace of mind that this product is going to last a long time.


3.0-HP motor
30-day money back guarantee
4 manual speeds
Dedicated pulse button
Push button control panel
Full 8-year warranty
Dimensions: 7″ x 15″ x 8″
Colors: Poppy, Black, Polar White

560 colors


The Blendtec Classic 560 hits a nice balance between performance and price. The machine has the same quality motor and parts found in other Blender blenders. The main drawback is the lack of preset modes but honestly, it really is a convenience factor. There’s a conversion chart I linked to above that gives you the same basic functionality. So at the very least, you’ll be able to make those preset recipes you find online.

I’d like to mention that this isn’t just a blender. It does the job of many other appliances such as a juicer, ice cream maker, coffee grinder, bread mixer, meat grinder, and more. I think it’s a machine you’ll proudly keep on your kitchen countertop and use every day.

Now you’ll need to be the one that decides whether this model is right for you. Are the built-in presets absolutely required? No, not if you don’t mind manually pressing buttons until the recipe is done. The nearest alternatives would be either the Blendtec 575 or the always popular refurbished Total Blender Classic. Click their names to read more about those models.

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