Best Vitamix for Juicing – Which Model To Choose?

We take a look at technical information to determine the best Vitamix for juicing. Using a blender as a juicer has been gaining in popularity with consumers over the past few years. It makes sense since a juicer is a single function machine; whereas a high-end blender can be used for multiple functions. I’ll be focusing on 3 main models from the Vitamix company: the 5200, 7500, and the 6300. The price and performance follow that same order, but is the most expensive blender the best choice? Let’s read on.

I decided to leave out the other models since they lack certain features or they’re just variations of these main models. It’s obvious with most Vitamix consumers that the 5200 model is the most frequently purchased product the company makes. It also happens to be the cheapest option of the three. Unfortunately, with my experience, I discovered the jar is more of a hassle to clean compared to the other models. The noise level is also louder since it uses the smaller blades that spin at a higher RPM. Having said that, it does juice fresh fruits pretty admirably. I didn’t necessarily have any problems with it but the negatives make the other blenders better options.

best vitamix for juicingThe Vitamix 7500 comes equipped with a newly designed blender jar and larger blender blades. Which makes cleanup easier and the noise of the machine noticeably quieter, compared to the 5200 at least. The shape and performance of this machine alone make it a smarter buy over the 5200. In my opinion, it’s a marginal increase in cost for some really convenient features. I also thought it performed better than the 5200 with making juices. Everything seems a bit creamier or smoother somehow. I don’t think it was a placebo effect but it could just be my imagination.

The Vitamix 6300 is the most expensive model the company makes. Honestly, I would say this blender performs exactly the same as the 7500. In terms of juicing at least. If you’re looking to just make fresh juices then it is a bit of overkill in a way. It does have some nice features including presets for soups, frozen desserts, and smoothies. This at least allows you to walk away while it works but I don’t think the price increase is worth it

I’ll cut to the chase and say that the Vitamix 7500 is probably the best for juicing. It’s the easiest to clean, it’s the quietest, and it also makes fresh juices that are incredibly smooth. If you buy any of these blenders to use for juicing, it would be a good idea to buy their filtration bag. This allows you to remove any leftover pulp from the juice. I wrote a whole article on the pros and cons of leaving the pulp in or out, you can read about it here: the benefits of juicing. So the bottom line is that the Vitamix 7500 is the best performing model for the price you pay. The other two models still work great, they just have some drawbacks you need to consider before making your purchasing decision.