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best vitamix for the home

Best Vitamix for Juicing – Which Model To Choose?


We take a look at technical information to determine the best Vitamix for juicing. Using a blender as a juicer has been gaining in popularity with consumers over the past few years. It makes

Ninja Blender Coupon – Deal Alert


Ninja Blender Coupon I’ve just found a Ninja Blender coupon from Best Buy that I’d like to share with everyone. The company is currently offering a pretty good deal on three different Ninja Blenders. Specifically

The Pros And Cons Of Juicing With A Blender


I thought it would be a great idea to talk about the pros and cons of juicing today. It’s a really popular trend that people blindly assume is healthy without really understanding it in

Company Overview – Blendtec


I’ll be talking a little bit about the Blendtec company history in this article. My plan is to write a basic overview of how it was started and what they’ve been able to accomplish

Company Overview – Vitamix


I thought it would be a fun idea to write about each major blender company so that people can learn more information about them. It seems so often that people buy products without knowing

Blendtec – Manufacturing Marvels


I was browsing around the internet doing some research on various topics and came across this Blendtec “Manufacturing Marvels” video. It briefly goes behind the scenes to show you part of the manufacturing process

$50 off all containers – Vitamix coupon


Update: The coupon code has expired and is no longer valid, sorry! I’ve added some new links below to current deals. I just got a Vitamix coupon in my email that is offering a discount on

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